Jul 08

PosiMotion is planning a suite of applications for the iPhone to assist in everything from navigation to a social network for iPhone users.Its flagship product, hilariously named G-Spot (ask your parents), features a compass and tool to determine your latitude and longitude using the iPhone 3G’s built-in GPS antenna. According to the press release, you will be able to find G-Spot at the App Store on July 11 “for an affordable $1.99.”

Don’t forget to visit the G-Spot website, where you can download high-resolution G-Spot pictures, and get more G-Spot information. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist. I’ll stop now.)

Anywho, PosiMotion’s other products include G-Park, which helps you find your car in large parking lots with step-by-step directions back to your vehicle. G-Fi is a small hardware device touted as the “world’s first” mobile GPS network router, adding GPS capability to any nearby WiFi-enabled device. G-Life, which is vaporware thus far, will be a social networking application for iPhone users with an undefined feature set. The company will also publish a series of games.

Curiously, the company is also featuring G-Minds, a “publishing program” that has been “pre-certified by Apple to test applications and distribute them on Apple’s App Store.” It sounds like a sort of consignment program for developers not as-yet accepted into the App Store program.

Source: TUAW.com

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