Jul 04

Steves Creek software is readying 3 application for the App Store. The applications are called TripLog/1040 (a trip tracker), Handy Randy (a random number generatore ??) and Athlete’s Calculator. To be honest, i would NOT buy these iPhone applications! The functionality of these make me really wonder if we need apps like that.

Just to be the informative guy i will give you some information, but please share your thoughts about them.

TripLog/1040: tracks car mileage which can be used as a deduction on your income tax return, or alternatively used to get reimbursement from your company. Your iPhone, always by your side (or in your pocket), is the perfect tool to keep track of this valuable deduction. Record your mileage before you even get out of your car!

Handy Randy: a full-featured random number generator, allowing you to draw both numbers and names at random in a variety of configurations suitable for different applications.

Athlete’s Calculator: lets you do computations involving time, distance, and pace (time per distance) or speed (distance per time), and also converts between various units of distance and pace/speed.

So what do you think? Usefull apps? Would you pay 9$ for any of them? Let me know in the comments.

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8 Responses to “AppStore – Stevens creek upcoming iPhone apps”

  1. ozzy Says:

    Looks like microsoft ugly apps… :oops:

  2. Stu Says:

    I quite like the idea of the trip log, but I wouldn’t pay $9 for it… lets be honest, it’s only a little better than keeping a note of your mileage in the notes app. You still have to remember to do it.

  3. Ahmad Kharuddin Says:

    I will just follow whatever ur decision.. if u think its not worth it, so do i.. i wont buy it either.. thanx for the reviews!

  4. ituner Says:

    9$ Never!!!!!!!!!! :evil:

  5. earlthegoat Says:

    That’s hilarious. I wouldn’t pay $0.99 for all three apps together in a package. They look hideous and all that sophisticated.

  6. Jash Sayani Says:

    “…are making three apps for the iPhone..” are they accepted.. :?:

  7. iphoneinator Says:

    is it me or has apple news been REALLY slow lately. i mean when was the last time we had an appstore roundup. and all of the big iphone sites like iphonefreakz, tuaw, imacrumors, appleinsider, ilounge, iphoneatlas, gizmobile…. they havent said anything (at least meaningful) in a couple of days now.

    i would think since july 11th is less than a week away these sites would be BUZZING with apple news.

  8. clevernameorphrase Says:

    :???: hmmm well if the calculator was tailored just to calculate distance and travel times, and was integrated with the trip log, LOL, which was also integrated with the new A-GPS so it would do the logging automatically, then it would be worthwhile, but only as one of the supposedly many free apps. Oh and throw in the ability to input your vehicles MPG and integration with maps so you can calculate how much gas you would or have used and it would be something I would surely download. But only for free.

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