Jul 03

BioWare, the developers of the popular XBOX 360 game Mass Effect have openly admitted that they are investigating development for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The official word from a MTV interview:

“We look at every platform that comes along. Obviously, something that’s as big a cultural and technical success as the iPhone is something you really got to take a close look at. Certainly, there’s nothing written in stone yet but we’ve got a lot of folks looking at it. It’s intriguing. I think one of the things that we’ll have to see how it shakes out is what type of consumer buys games on it and what type of experience they’re looking for. You want to always mash the consumer experience with what you’re building. We want to understand what people are going to do with it. Who knows. We’re definitely looking at every platform.”

Will this mean that a MassEffect iPhone versio will be released? Dunno, but i would keep an eye on iPhoneFreakz

MassEffect trailer:

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2 Responses to “AppStore – Mass Effect coming for the iPhone (BioWare)”

  1. Ahmad Kharuddin Says:

    I cant wait for the Appstore!!! Oh apple, please release it now!!

  2. Ty Says:

    You can get it now. :) Look at ziphone.org he tells you how. :)

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