Jul 03

WhatTasks is a upcoming appstore application that will allow you to manage your to-do-lists like never before. The GTD (getting things done) application exists of merely 3 very usable options, what, when and where. It can’t get any easier then sorting your taks by getting what done, when done and where to do it!

WhatTasks let’s you organize and visualize your taks by lists, due dates and context.

The what view let’s you create, change and browse your projects.

The when view let’s you exactly know what you have to -do according to when it has to be done

The where view let’s you do the tasks according to where you are.

check WhatTaks.com for more information

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  1. ellen Says:

    Is WHATTASKS available yet? where? Please point me in right direction. Thx

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