Jul 01

Apple just posted a online guided iPhone 3G tour on their website. The guided tour features all the new functions of the iPhone 3G. MobileMe, GPS, 3G and much more. You can watch it here and even download it to watch again on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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5 Responses to “iPhone 3G – Guided tour online”

  1. iphoneinator Says:

    the most wasted 30+ minutes of my life!

  2. Abakadabra Says:

    it was really interesting :smile:

  3. Dwaine Says:

    i noticed they now have a contacts icon, which was on the second home screen.

  4. asa Says:

    They have always had a contact icon, however it is hidden for some reason. With Boss prefs you can open it up..

  5. asa Says:

    Does anyone know if 2.0 will have ‘active sync’ via bluetooth? They explaine the exchange and all that but seems they are missing a very basic step. I really don’t like to plug it in everytime I sync to my laptop!

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