Jun 30

VideosTone 1.0 is a new application from iFoneTec. We love our ringtones but what if you could set a video instead of these same old same old tones? Well now we have VideosTone , the application allows you to individually set a video per contact on in-coming calls for the Apple iPhone.

Support iPhone Firmware 1.1.x (2.0 is under development).VideosTone is free software. But the advanced settings may need you to pay.

1) Install the Dynamic Module Loader first (you can find it in the iFoneTec catalog).

2) Locate and install the application.

3) Go to your settings and tap on the VideosTones settings. First Enter a username + e-mail address. pres the check account button. And then enable the application. It will respring your springboard and you can select your ringtone and video. No information is available of when and what the price will be of the full version.

4) You like to have your own video and ringtone ? You can upload it to /var/mobile/Media/VideoTone/Video/

For instructions on copying files via ssh to your iPhone check my post here.

A movie of the app working.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the iFoneTec source, see our sources page.

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9 Responses to “VideosTone – Play a video as your iPhone ringtone”

  1. higa27 Says:

    what a great idea! Can’t wait till the 3g comes out and the combination of jailbroken(hopefully) and appstore apps will be unbelievable.

  2. asa Says:

    So you have to ssh your vids? Maybe the full version they will make it easier like ringtone maker to send your vids for the ringtone.

  3. bao Says:

    :smile: djdfd

  4. bao Says:

    :smile: :cool: :neutral:

  5. Mike Says:

    :?: ok hey i used ur post how to add vids, and thanks but now i need to know what kinda files the vids need to be i found where they go but ive found normal mp4s dont work help me plz!

  6. Cyberneil Says:

    :???: I am using the Mp4’s that i use for vwallpaper and they seem to work for me.. but the ringtones are not!!

    I put them in the folder tones.. and and the phone will do no matter what is VIBRATE!!
    I have set this to OFF till these bugs are worked out.
    BTW it will CRASH my Vwallpaper after every call.. and i have to RESPRING to get it back.. other than these matters.. i like were this is going..!!!!

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  9. meets Says:

    this is Work on 3Gs iOS 4.0 MB MODEL

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