Jun 28

I received a batch of shadescases and i’ll give them away real soon. But first i wanted to share my experiences with the cases. Let me first begin with some details of the cases. They are merely 0.4mm thin and are very strong. They are made from a semi-soft plastic called Poly-Urethane and are therefore pretty scratch resistant and dirt proof. They are available in 12 colors ( clearly original, aqua, serene green, rosy red, sunrise orange, midnight black, cool blue, hot pink, ultra violet, black&clear and yellow) for a low price of 16.95$.

My personal experiences with the covers:

I’ve been using the covers for some days now and the first thing that i noticed is that they do work as advertised. The shades will keep your iPhone safe from any sharp materials like keys and so on. I’ve been using much bulkier cases before i received the shades and i now prefer them, they are small and make it easier to put your iPhone into your pants pocket. The touchscreen is a little less responsive with the shades covered but this does not interfere when you work with your iPhone. 1 thing that did bother me are the air-bubbles below the front of the screen. According to the manufacturar these will go away after some time of using.

The shades have almost perfect cuts for nearly all of the buttons and key components like (speaker, mut-switch, headphones jack and camera!).

Another small thing i had some problems with was the removal of the case, although this was my fault by not reading the faq section on the developers site.

To apply, simply insert iPod between bottom opening of case. If you are having trouble removing or applying the case – Click Here.
Final conclusion = I really like this, it keeps my iPhone less bulky then all the other cases i have been using. Except for some small issues with the toucscreen (blame the air bubbles) i had no problems with this at all!
If i had to give it a rating it would be A- (8,5/10)

You can order the cases straight from the manufacturers website.

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5 Responses to “Review – ShadesCases”

  1. Stefan Says:

    so incredible ugly!

  2. Gagan Singh Says:

    hey what are they made of , :?:

  3. iambored8097 Says:

    I just ordered a black one, but I forgot to check if it works with the dock? Or is it too big still?

  4. Alex Says:

    It is about time that a company makes a product that is brilliantly designed and is affordable. Thanks Shades!

  5. Ty Says:


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