Jun 25

Kate (formely known as Caterpillar) is a set of tools for your iPhone that exist of separate modules. Each single module has its own features aimed to make your iPhone more productive and fun. Customization, business tools, quick contacts search, system font replacement and many more. Kate received a update to version 1.3.1. The prices for the app has remained the same. 20$ for 3 months, 35$ for 12 months and 45$ for unlimited use. The full changelog after the link.

Full changelog !

  • All Components:
    • This is a last version that is being released for firmware 1.1.x. All future releases will work only under OS X 2.0 and newer.
  • Mobile Enhancer:
    • New version works around the incompatibility issues with numerous products that have daemon applications that use UIKit, such as Dock, Screenshot, and others.
  • Smart Dialer:
    • Better detection of numbers prefixed with GSM codes.
    • Several fixes for better detection of numbers.
    • Fixed a potential crash when making a call while engaged in another phone call.
  • Settings:
    • Fast respring for 1.1.3+
  • FaceLift:
    • Fixed some potential problems while using themes.
  • Reminder:
    • Fixed a potential crash when all notifications are turned off.
  • EQ:
    • To conform to the rules, EQ module only works when the iPod EQ is turned on in the Settings.
    • No longer affects the ringtones because some of them were awfully distorted.

I have personally used this app for quite some time and i do recommend it. I know that some people had issues with Kate or Caterpillar before, but this release should fix them. I will add a video review later this day.

1) Locate and install the update.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the RipDev packaging source, see our sources page.

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3 Responses to “Kate 1.3.1 – Productivity tools for you iPhone”

  1. vlade Says:

    1.3.1 v2 already released.
    fixed bug with sms and respring

  2. spurlock Says:

    way too much money :roll: :sad:

  3. Jac Says:

    I updated the latest version of Kate, and now I can’t even see it in settings! Help please :cry:

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