Jun 24

HandicApp is a new application that will allow you to easily set application permissions. This is very handy in some cases if you install aapplication manually. If the application or game doesn’t run from the first time it’s mostly cause of the permissons set to the app. HandicApp solves this problem by setting the permissions to 755. Handicapp has been removed from the community sources due to being to dangerous for your iPhone applications.

1) Locate and install the application.

2) When you start the app. You will see a info tap (which will give you a one liner) and you have the select button. The select button will open up all applications. When you then click on a application, you will have 3 options. Cripple (644), Heal (755) and Cancel.

Let me explain some *nix persmission settings.
When you set the 755 permissions you actually give the app the following rights:
owner: read, write and execute permissions, = 7
group: read and execute permissions, = 5
others: read and execute permissions. = 5
So in laymens terms this means that 755 allows anybody to run this specific application. And thats just exactly want we need with apps in our iPhones and iPod Touches.

Wen you set the 644 permissions you actually give the app the following rights:
owner: read and write permissions,
group: only read permissions,
others: only read permissions.
The first thing you will notice is that all execution rights have been taken away when you use the 644. On the iPhone and iPod Touch this will have another function. It will hide your app!!

The following table explains the bit setting pretty well:

Octal digit Text equivalent Binary value Meaning
0 --- 000 All types of access are denied
1 --x 001 Execute access is allowed only
2 -w- 010 Write access is allowed only
3 -wx 011 Write and execute access are allowed
4 r-- 100 Read access is allowed only
5 r-x 101 Read and execute access are allowed
6 rw- 110 Read and write access are allowed
7 rwx 111 Everything is allowed

So if you set a file or application 777, you will give everybody full access to that specific file.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the iSpazio packaging source, see our sources page.

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  1. krisu Says:

    It’s deleted, because it’s dangerous and horrible app, check it out: http://sleepers.net/news/?p=199

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