Jun 24

BossPrefs is a very handy utility that i would recommend to everybody. I allows you to activate services separately. For example, you can enable WiFi, BleuTooth, Edge, etc by flipping a switch in the application. There have been a lot of updates to BossPrefs in the last couple of days. The most significant changes are that it’s now possible to hide applications right from the BossPrefs as it includes Poof! the application also adds another icon Power, This will let you easily reboot, respring and shutdown your iPhone or iPod Touch. All in all a must have app for your iPhone!

Full changelog for all previous releases:

BossPrefs v1.73 is out to fix a reported issue where poof / power do not show up. Turns out that if you never added icons to your dock, v1.72 will not show power / poof icons until you add some other icons to your dock using the “more”,”dock icons” button. Fixed.

BossPrefs v1.72 adds ability to sort all the dock icons including the built in apps. Hopefully, this should close all issues with the dock display as well with small numbers of icons.

BossPrefs v1.71 fixes a bug where if you don’t have at least 4 dock icons, the icon display was bad or unusable for some of the external apps. Also, changes for v1.70 were: Fixed bug where if you went to poof before power, power would bring up poof. Minor cosmetic update to the power

BossPrefs got a major update today to v1.69. In short, I have integrated Poof into the tool so you can uninstall Poof now. Also, I have added a multi function respring button that will do fast respring, full locking respring, reboot, and power off (for those of you that busted your power switch). So you can uninstall any respring apps you may have as well. Here is the full list of changes:

* Integrated “Poof” into the dock as a button called “Hide Icons”. The actual Poof App can be uninstalled now.To use Poof features, just tap the “hide icons” button then tap apps to hide from springboard. To show them again, tap the “hidden” button and delete the apps to show. Simple! Note: hidden apps are not restored if bossprefs is uninstalled so make sure you unhide your icons first.
* Added an internal dock icon called “Power” that lets you quick respring, respring, reboot, and power off.
* Added support for poof hidden icon rehiding. This means after you do an update of a hidden app in installer or cydia, and the icon is back on spring board, just load bossprefs and close it immediately and it will rehide all your icons again.
* Added a config toggle to show and not show built in Poof and Power icons on dock. Default is to show them.

1) Locate and install the updated version.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the BigBoss packaging source, see our sources page.

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  1. Richard Says:

    Will there be an version for Firmware 2.0

  2. Multinova Says:

    Yes we expect BigBoss to migrate app’s to fm 2.0 :)

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