Jun 23

NotepadSync is a upcoming application for the AppStore. The app only has compatibility for Mac and the iPhone, for now no Windows support. The app will allow you to create notes on your iPhone (with the ability to write text anywhere on the screen) and seamlessly do the same on your Mac. All the changes will be synchronized in both ways. The Notes will be stored in the cloud, and will be updated when changes occur either on the iPhone or iPod touch or on your Mac.

NotepadSync consists of 2 applications, one for the iPhone, and another for OS X. You can use either application to read, create, and make changes to your notes. The feature set of the phone and os x version are almost identical.
With either, you can:

1. -Create, edit, delete pages of notes
2. -Quickly find a page by using the filter text box
3. -Write your text notes anywhere on the screen, giving you more freedom as you write
4. -Ability to drag individual text boxes around the page, to more easily organize your thoughts
5. -Quickly load and exit the app, since your notes are stored in a local database, as well as in the cloud
6. -Stay in sync, the phone will synchronize over WiFi or the cell connection, and the osx version will use whatever network is available. If no network is available at the time, the app will happily save to the local database and send updates the next time a network is available.

The goal of NotepadSync is to be a simple to use, lightweight notepad. It is not a goal to be a task manager, contact store, or calendar. It is designed to act as a flexible, paper like notepad which can reliably keep your data close to you.

NotepadSync should be available on the AppStore in August.

Since NotepadSync uses a central storage for your notes, it will be made available on a subscription basis. The current plan is to offer the app, with 1 year of service for $14.99. This may change a little bit depending on the specifics of offering a service+app style product on the AppStore.

More Info: NotepadSync

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5 Responses to “AppStore – NotepadSync (sync your iPhone notes)Mac Only”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Why is it so hard to make a PC version that will sync to the desktop without a subscription service?

  2. brian Says:

    Syncing via cable can be done for free.

    Syncing over the air, and without the requirement that both machines are powered on, and connected to a network at the same time — (which is what many people want), unfortunately requires another server in the cloud.

    Fortunately, data storage, server transfer, etc. costs are relatively cheap nowadays, and such a service can be built and sold for a price similar to a non-subscription service.

  3. David Ingersoll Says:

    Where is this on the App Store? I don’t see it….

  4. wildbill Says:

    A cool free app on iTunes App Store called Fliq Notes lets you send your notes to your Mac or PC, send and receives notes with other people on same wifi, plus you can even sort, search, edit and categorize them. all this for free!!

  5. technosorcerer Says:

    Hey, it syncs now! It imports notes from the iPhone notes app, then you can sync them to your Mac or PC over wifi. You need to buy Missing Sync for iPhone, but its worth it. Finally! Here is a link to it – http://www.markspace.com/iphone/mac

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