Jun 23

iClink is a upcoming CRM data Sync tool for our iPhone that will be released in the appstore 11th July. The app is actually more of a suite then a single app. iClink is an Apple iPhone application that works with CompanionLink. It will allow iPhone owners to access their CRM calendar events, contacts, histories,tasks, notes and opportunities directly from their iPhone.

It will be possible to Sync the iPhone with the following solutions:

  • FrontRange GoldMine
  • IBM Lotus Notes
  • Palm Desktop
  • ACT! by Sage
  • Google Apps
  • MS Outlook with Business Contact Manager
  • Novell GroupWise

to be able to run this enterprise software you will need several different tools:

1. CompanionLink – $99.95, available here.
Installs on your computer.

2. iClink – $39.95, available at the Apple App Store.
(Available on July 11, 2008)
Installs on your iPhone.

3. The Wireless sync service – $9.95 per month.
Activate monthly service in CompanionLink (#1 above).

How it will work:

Two-way sync between your computer and iPhone happens through CompanionLink’s secure servers. Changes to information on your computer are securely sent to our servers, which then send this data to your iPhone; and vice versa.

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3 Responses to “AppStore – iClink – iPhone wireless sync (CRM on your iPhone)”

  1. Marc C. Says:

    mobile me?

  2. J. Maynard Gelinas Says:

    I need wireless calendar sharing. My employer uses Oracle Calendar, which requires a syncml client for calendar synchronization. A client has been written, but Apple has yet to post it to its store. Presumably, because they would prefer to sell their .mac (mobile me) service for calendar synchronization. And that’s just like this company. They don’t want to sell me a sync tool, they want to sell me a monthly service where I sent them MY daily data, and for that service they then connect my iphone to my calendar server.

    Ridiculous. It’s my schedule, my data, my phone. No commercial gatekeepers to my critical work-flow please – I’d rather use a pen and paper calendar.

    Apple: Get your act together or I’ll sledgehammer this thing and buy a blackberry, which I happen to know *does work*.

  3. BIllch Says:

    Agree 100%!! Just make it available and let us use the product the way its meant to be used!!

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