Jun 23

Chain 3 is a upcoming AppStore game. When you first play it, it really resembles Bejeweled and the current iPhone games Trism and iZoo. As always, information is scarse to find but we did manage to find a video of the game. Prices haven’t been announced and the released date isn’t yet known also. But i’ll keep you informed when they do pop-up in the AppStore.

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One Response to “AppStore – Chain3 (a Bejeweled clone for the iPhone)”

  1. Shawn McGrath Says:

    It’s not a bejeweled clone at all. It more closely resembles Tetris Attack. Since you can drag any piece anywhere it skips over the “challenge” in Bejeweled and requires you to plan in advance the pieces and how they’ll drop in order to create chains of matches.

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