Jun 22

Tuaw publiced another list with upcoming apps and games for our beloved iPhones. ome weel known jailbreak apps have been added to the upcoming list. TextReader and Sketches are a example. Some cool other games and apps are in the full list after the break.

  • Cocoa Touch Games has two of a planned four “fun, simple, joyful” apps ready to go for the App Store launch. Bug Bounce and Cocoa Marbles will both be priced at $2.99.
  • Synthesis AG, developers of the SyncML platform and transmission media independent protocol for intelligent data synchronization, have announced a SyncML client for iPhone.
  • Lint Labs (great name!) has announced No. 2 (AKA HB in Europe), an app that lets you use a virtual pencil and eraser on the iPhone to sketch or take notes, then organize your work into books.
  • Jeffrey Grossman of movies.app fame is working on another great product, Currency. It’s a currency exchange application with over 50 different countries. Looks good, Jeff!
  • In the “it had better be a free app” category is Philip Corliss’s Bubble Wrap. It looks like a great stress relief tool.
  • Tom Cain of Smallware let us know about Solebon Solitaire for iPhone, a complete rewrite of their popular package for Palm OS.
  • Sol Robots, the offspring of Cortis Clark, is offering a free app to help you save money to buy that iPhone 3G. Save Benjis works with Finders Cheapers, a price comparison site, to let you find the lowest price on just about anything.
  • Steve Streza‘s Lockbox provides AES and SHA-1 level encryption and a unique gesture unlocking procedure to keep your notes and pictures secret. Expect it for less than $10 in the App Store.
  • LateNiteSoft has a jailbreak app called Sketches that is moving to the AppStore.
  • Right now it’s for jailbroken iPhones, but hopefully Make Your Day Media‘s Remind You will be heading to the App Store within a month. It turns the lock screen of your iPhone into an appointment list.
  • One more jailbreak app, textReader by James Beesley, will hopefully be scootin’ to the App Store soon.

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