Jun 20

SharedPod is a cool little app that you can use to manage your music and videos without using iTunes.
SharePod is a lightweight music management program for your iPod. You can copy music and videos between your iPod and computers usually without having to install anything on the computer. The good part is that since version SharePod 3.8.4 Beta2 the iPhone and iPod Touch are supported.

This means that you no longer will need to use iTunes to copy your music and video’s. sharePod allows you to add, remove music, videos, playlists and artwork. Backup all your music and import them easily into your iTunes Library.
Another great feature is the fact that sharePod is ultra portible. It only consists of 1 executable and it doesn’t need installation. You can just run it from a usb stick!
To use the app, you will need to have the iTunes installed!

Download sharepod from here.

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16 Responses to “SharePod supports iPhone and iPod Touch”

  1. Wesley Says:

    Too bad that the original idea of this application was to run from the iPod disk that iPhone and iPod Touch don’t have…

    This way a request for a functionality of watch folders isn’t that useful.

  2. mdcosta911 Says:

    “application failed to initialize properly.” any ideas why??

  3. deranged Says:

    not sure if this is what u need, but u need itunes for the file to work properly (:

  4. iPod touch 2nd generation Says:

    SharePod, running on the Windows hard disk, gives the following error when attempting to connect to the latest iPod touch 32GB.

    Your iPod (IPhone_ITouch2, database version 36) is currently not fully supported. All iPod update features are disabled, but you can still copy files to your computer.

    How do I get around this error?

  5. Stephen Burke Says:

    vista HP32
    iPod touch (16MB) with latest firmware update

    Device not fully supported AND
    copy to PC does not work properly

    too bad, I would love to dump itunes

  6. j. bouziane Says:

    2G iPod touch using 2.2 firmware & WinXP SP3 SharePod version

    When I use SharePod on WinXP SP3 with the new iPod touch v 2.2
    firmware, SharePod won’t copy files from the computer to the iPod and
    reports the error …

    iPod not fully supported … Reason … Your iPod (IPhone_ITouch2, database
    version 37) is currently not fully supported. All iPod update features are
    disabled, but you can still copy files to your computer.

    Does anyone know if the iPod touch 2nd generation works with SharePod?

  7. j. bouziane Says:

    I don’t have iTunes installed and SharePod works just fine for older iPods.

  8. j. bouziane Says:

    The later versions of SharePod (anything after version 3.0) requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or better. This is well explained on the SharePod web site.

  9. j. bouziane Says:

    I agree. But, there is a way to mount the iPhone and iPod touch as a disk (AirShare for example) but I haven’t tried it. Let me know if you succeed. Apple is deliberately trying to stop us from using our iPods.

  10. j. bouziane Says:

    I have the same problem with the 2G iPod touch running firmware 2.2.

    What firmware are you using?

  11. Suecy Says:

    Yes. Sharepod is a good tool that helps us a lot. By the way,the latest version of SharePod requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. I personally use Cucusoft iPhone/iTouch/iPod to Computer Transfer. It works very well for my iTouch. It helps me to transfer my songs/videos/photos from ipod to computer directly and safety. It even has a step by step guide. Free download at: http://www.dvd-video-soft.com/ipodconverter/ipod-itouch-iphone-transfer.html

  12. DFoley Says:

    Sharepod doesn’t pick up on any tracks purchased (Itunes) using Iphone only. Any reason for this?

  13. Evo003 Says:

    I share an ipod transfer here to help you transfer your iPod files to iPod,local computer and iTunes.
    Learn more here:

    It can backup your iPod files to local computer and tranfer music/video/photos from local to iPod without iTunes.
    It can transfer your iPod files to iTunes and another iPod.
    It can manage your iPod as a hard disc.

    It is a smart tool. Now try it.

  14. cass Says:

    want work the way it supose to i phone no good with this program :(

  15. David Brandel Says:

    one word: floola

  16. husna Says:

    Ummm, I used this sharepod thing and after adding a couple of songs, the ipod app on my iphone crashes EVERYTIME I try and open it. Its reaaallyyy bothering me.
    Can I fix this without gettin another phone?

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