Jun 17

A dealer in the Netherlands has already annouced that he will be selling unlocked iPhone 3G’s starting from the end of July. The prices aren’t cheap, he is offering the 8GB version for 599€ and the 16GB for 698€ !! We already know that iTaly will sell the iPhone 3G 8GB for 499€ and the 16 for 565€. So why does this dealer increases the prices by 100€, and why will they only be available by the end of july? Will they be hacked versions? We will soon find out.

Original link: iPhoneClub.nl

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3 Responses to “Unlocked iPhone 3G prices in the Netherlands”

  1. Jash Sayani Says:

    Hi Multinova,

    I am getting an 8 Gig iPhone 3G for 250 US $ and 16 Gig one for 350 US $…
    Good deal.? Should I get it or wait to get a legit one….?

  2. ashina Says:

    Hi thats one of the great deals for iphone 3g, you should be considered lucky! …can you give me the details of this shope? or please tell me how did u get the deal?…i wana buy it too reply me on ashina2008 @ gmail.com

  3. shaukat Says:

    hai jash how do i get one iphone for 250
    let me know

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