Jun 14

Apple has posted the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2008. The yearly awards Apple gives to recognize technical excellence, innovation and outstanding achievment in software development. The cool thing for this year are the inclusions of iPhone applications.

The winners are:
Best iPhone Game
Enigmo 1.0 a 3D puzzle game by Pangea Software

Check the webiste of the developers. They have screenshots of Enigmo and CroMag racing.

Best iPhone Healthcare & Fitness Application

MIM 1.0 a revolutionary medical imaging application that will provide multi-planer reconstruction of fused data sets. MIM takes advantage of technologies including Core Animation, Foundation/Core Foundation, UIKit, WebKit, and the accelerometer. Check the MimVista website.

Best iPhone Social Networking Application

Twitterrific 1.0. a fun application that lets you both read and publish posts or “tweets” to the Twitter community website. More info on the IconFactory website.

Best iPhone entertainment application.

Aol radio brings mainstream streaming online radio to the iPhone with over 300 AOL and 150 CBS stations. Much like a FM tuner, the app will use the location services of the iPhone to bring you the nearest local radio stations.

Best iPhone Productivity application.

OmniFocus is a professional-grade personal information management tool utilizing a proven task-management methodology already available for Mac Os X. More information on the OmniFocus website.

These apps are just the beginning of what we will see in the upcoming months. Everyday we hear about new apps and games begin developed for the iPhone and iPod touch. We cannot imagine what will be coming our way .. but i suspect it to be very big :)

You can view the original Apple WWDC page here.

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