Jun 12

It seems that some people are investigating the Keynote with really big lenses. During the keynote presentation Phil Shiller was playing around with his iPhone, and some of you think that his iPhone 3G had a front-facing camera. I personally think this is some finger grease, although it’s possible that the light reflection is indeed a camera, but what do you guys think? Video and pictures after the break.


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13 Responses to “Front Facing iPhone 3G Video cam?”

  1. Ciaran Says:

    Lets hope its a camera. And if it is then maby the back camera might have been upgraded and they didnt tell us about that either

  2. b3ta Says:

    I think its just some airbubble from under the display protection

  3. RvdP Says:

    If there’s a camera on the iPhone 3G, they would have sad it. There’s no point of withholding that information, you’ll only gain sales by presenting the camera on the keynote.

  4. iphoneinator Says:

    okay i couldnt get the video here but i went back and watched it on apples site and it is DEFINITELY not a camera. its a fingerprint. but erlier on in the keynote it did look like there was a camera up at the VERY top left hand cornor. it may have been a reflection or something but it looked more convincing than this! it was when scott was showing off some stuff.

  5. Wesley Says:

    I guess I found something interesting: there’s a frame that the iPhone reflects the stage’s lights, and for me it’s impossible that a fingertip reflects differently tones of light…

    See for yourselves:

    And, the iPhone was transmitting the video wirelessly? Where are the video cables?!

  6. Wesley Says:

    And it can’t be the reflection of a specific light because it does not move trough the screen…

  7. iphoneinator Says:

    i think the one they have circled here is fake.. but there is something else that looks like a camera on the right side. engadget has a pic of it. that looks real.

    and FYI wesley, there was a video cable go watch it again, its the same cord hooked up to the back.

  8. RvdP Says:


  9. Wesley Says:

    I’ve noticed the cable but forgot to delete the text… hehe

    Well, let’s go with the Apple Videoconference Kit… http://i229.photobucket.com/albums/ee192/googlediscovery/applevideoconferencingkit.jpg

  10. iphoneinator Says:

    ya thats it. but i dont get what the 3rd arrow is pointing to.

  11. joe Says:

    why would they put a camera on it and then not tell everyone at the anouncement!!?!?!?! BOLLOX!!

  12. dimitrios tsolakis Says:

    i think there was a camera and then they decided to remove the camera so that one of their objectives “”affordable””would be accomplished lol :

  13. dimitrios tsolakis Says:

    or maybe they used adobe photoshop cs3 to just advertise so that we all run hehehe

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