Jun 11

Hon Cheng from Databinge.com released another update to his populare TimeCapsule application. TimeCapsule is a backup app that makes local copy’s on your iPhone for all the important settings. I’ll take the developers notes to inform you about all the changes to TimeCapsule. This version of TimeCapsule has undergone a lot of changes. The backup location has changed from ~/Library/TimeCapsule to ~/Library/Preferences/TimeCapsule. This may cause the program to be a bit slow at startup the first time you start TC after installation because it will move your TC backups to the new location.

It may also take a longer time during your first sync with iTunes. This version does not give any problem with all the beta testers, except that for me, my iPhone crashes while syncing, but after a few minutes it restarted normally. I resumed syncing and everything went back to normal. Here are the changes in more detail:

  • Completely rewritten SMS Repository
  • Changed all popup to slideup (more stable, the popup causes the program to crash sometimes)
  • Completely rewritten some file management functions. You will notice that deleting backup is almost instantaneous now. With this update, I can safely add support to backup Mail. Previously, Mail backups cannot be deleted properly, so I did not add Mail support until now
  • In the previous version, where the localization function was changed, TimeCapsule only supports English. Now the follow languages are added again:

French, German, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Added support for : IntelliScreen, iPhoneVideoRecorder, NetServices, Mail

1) Locate and install the update.

2) Some extra screens

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the Databinge packaging source, see our sources page.

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4 Responses to “TimeCapsule v0.40b5 – A iPhone local backup app”

  1. 333ira Says:

    Do I understand correctly that timecapsle can be synced with iTunes ? Also Moleskine ??
    I’m a registered user of both; how Do you sync. There are no instructions, only update info.
    Can anybody help me ?

  2. Multinova Says:

    Hi 333ira,

    No iTunes will never sync your backups (not for now, maybe with the upcoming 2.0 release).
    the way to take a backup is to navigate to ~/Library/Preferences/TimeCapsule with your favorite SSH/SFTP application or with

  3. 333ira Says:

    Multinova thank you so much for your quick Reply :smile:
    It would be cool if DataBinge would supply a tool like Remotenote, to make the backup on the computer more userfriendly or cool ( which fits the name Timecapsle ).

    Thank you again, love your Site, I check it 5 x daily

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