Jun 10

SpeedRun is a accelerometer based game that is almost identical to Labyrinth.. But it has some very nice extra features. First of all.. It’s free !! SpeedRun also has several Level Packs (Alena Levels, By Friends, Experimental Levels and the Labyrinth Demo Levels). Another nice feature is the fact that the game records your gameplay so you can later view it. And last but not least. SpeedRun let’s you upload you best scores to the SpeedRun website.

1) Locate and install the game.

2) When you start the game, it will guide you to the Levels screen. In this screen you can select the 4 level packs. When you select a level pack and a level you can play, view the best time replay and rename local player. When you press the global button on the top, you can synchronize results and see the best time replay.

  • Alena Levels (14 levels)
  • By Friends (4 levels)
  • Experimental levels (5 levels)
  • Labyrinth demo levels (10)

3) When you press replays you can watch your previous played levels.

4) The last tab gives you some About information.

This little game is available in the Installer.app through the iplayful packaging source, see our sources page.


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  1. Kay Says:

    heaps thanks! keep up the good work!

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  3. pratjoe Says:

    Found an awesome labyrinth game.


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