Jun 08

IphoneFreakz will blog live on monday during they keynote of Apple WWDC 2008. To say it in Apple words, this is a landmark event, and iPhoneFreakz will be a part of it. We will finally know if the 3G iPhone will be smaller, have multiple colors, GPS or a-gps, if there will be a iPhone nano or if there will be any really cool apps available in the appstore. To make it all work, we will use coveritlive. You as visitor don’t have to do anything. Just visit the site and the updates will show up dynamically. If you like you can enter your mail address to be informed of when the session will begin.

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33 Responses to “WWDC2008 Live Blogging”

  1. Jash Sayani Says:

    Thats really cool ! :smile:
    Just signed up for the reminder !!!

  2. Stefan Says:

    yes, i also think this feature is very cool! i’ll be here tomorrow – cant wait!

  3. Joomicroop Says:

    signed up

  4. THE BOSS Says:

    Icant wait _ :lol: i wiil be sick…..for tomorrow :cry: its along time..

  5. Jash Sayani Says:

    Just counting hours now…. It will be 5 AM here in India…

  6. Multinova Says:

    Hi jash, are you going to follow both mine and ais ? :) I saw your comment :)

  7. cigaro Says:

    Hi! omg it’s allready 7pm!!! where is the iphone ! ?? :cry:
    Just cidding i’m from Lithuania can’t still wait the apple iPhone i think ne iPhone will be really great! and i will order from USA then i will can unlock,activatee,jaillbreak :grin:
    Sry for my english folks :)

  8. Jash Sayani Says:

    Well, I had not decided which site to followup but I guess I am with iPhoneFreakz… :smile:

    I like the way you have setup the CoverItLive…

    And Thanks a lot for the Live Blogging !! :smile:

  9. Wyr Says:

    What about the double-sided camera and video conferencing… Did he mention these features?

  10. iphoneinator Says:

    will we be able to order this ahead of time? i hope..

  11. Jash Sayani Says:

    1. Thanks a lot ! Great Job! :smile:
    2. Will it be in India in July… ?
    3. Will the AppStore prices change for Developers (If Freeware) ?
    4. Front camara on iPhone for Video Chat… ?

    Will ask more later…. :wink:

  12. cigaro Says:

    dam that iphone nice!

  13. iphoneinator Says:

    what happened to ‘one more thing”?

  14. akedo1 Says:

    Why do ipod users have to pay for upgrade..and acces to BUY applications.. when iphones get it for FREE?? pls ask.

  15. iphoneinator Says:

    everyone look at the picture of the 3g iphone in the vault where it shows the front!!! you look hard enough and to the right and up a little theres a camera!

  16. iphoneinator Says:

    heres the photo:

  17. cigaro Says:

    Link to the foto plz

  18. Multinova Says:

    The official Apple site has been updated http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/shop_iphone/family/iphone?mco=MTE2NTQ

  19. cigaro Says:

    I till can’t see the camera on the top…

  20. iphoneinator Says:

    its there! thats how good they hid it :)

  21. cigaro Says:

    foto plz :)

  22. mdcosta911 Says:

    i can’t wait to get my hands on a new white 16gb 3g iPhone. I love that it has better battery life and the GPS, the only thing I wish it had was an upgraded camera/video feature. damn, oh well. 3g WOOTWOOT!

  23. iphoneinator Says:

    go to:
    and look at the picture.. its there.

  24. iphoneinator Says:

    are you sure they will post a video? how long?

  25. cigaro Says:


  26. iphoneinator Says:

    will we here anything else like this the rest of the week? i mean will he make anymore announcements?

  27. Multinova Says:

    No Video conferencing for this model, maybe the iPhone 4G.

  28. Multinova Says:

    No it depends on what country you live in. 22 country’s will receive the iPhone 11 July

  29. Multinova Says:

    India isn’t on the list of the 22 country’s. India is listed to receive it later this year.

  30. Multinova Says:

    i’ll ask Steve next time i see him :razz:

  31. Multinova Says:

    No camera on the front of the iPhone 3G .. sorry

  32. Multinova Says:

    There will be lot’s of iPhone related announcements this week. Mostly by developers. Maybee some hardware add-ons also. I’ll keep you all posted.

  33. iphoneinator Says:

    funny :roll:

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