Jun 05

Lego Mindstorms and the iPhone make a great experimental pair. BattleBricks created a Lego iPhone robot who can be controlled via any browser. This video demonstrates the iPhone to Lego NXT Robot communication via the Safari browser and Lego’s Light Sensor. After looking at the video i can only wonder whats the next thing we are going to see ..

The way to build this can be found on the BattleBricks website.

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4 Responses to “iPhone lego robot”

  1. cigaro Says:

    Very nice :)

  2. dimitrios tsolakis Says:

    this is amazing !!!!!!!! if we continue this pace next generation of iphone perhaps with next generation of lego we might be able to grow hands on the lego and make commands to the hands to cook for us and do also OUR HOUSE JOBS.What is confusing is ,so many nice applications and games out there so much cash being implemented on the iphone no programmer has thought to build flash into the iphone camera so that we can take some photos at night of a beautiful girl :lol: :lol: :lol:
    HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. cigaro Says:

    ya beautiful naked girl in bath xD

  4. iPhone Lego Robot | iSpazio Says:

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