Jun 05

I already brought you the news of the iControlPad. The hardware mod that will transform your iPhone or iPod touch to a full blown portable game station. Today the developers released the first rendered screens of the device and gave some extra answers to everybody’s questions.

The price of the device will be around 30$
The headphone port will be easy to access
They will make a version for the iTouch (and maybe some other devices too).
Yes (currently) you will need to be running Jailbreak.
Yes we have applied for a patent.
Yes we intend to send these to any developer who requests one, so don’t worry hundreds of apps will have support for it. (all zodttd emulators already support it !)
The price will be low, probably under $30, but the quality will be high to match the iPhone.
We are making it as small and comfortable as we can, we are gamers and have already made control pads in the past, so it should be cool.
The iControlPad (iPhone version) should be shipping in July.

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6 Responses to “iControlPad render screens- Controller for iPhone games”

  1. jazir Says:

    fuckin sick. imma buy one the DAY it comes out. MASTERFUL implementation. if you can PLEASE link this to appstore games and dare i wish for an official apple implementation of this device

  2. HumanSpider Says:

    Good! Good! Good! it was what we need, but is come with the speaker as well? because of iPhone speaker not really enough louder?

  3. Braden Says:

    The screenshots show the iPhone tilted to the right with the home button on the left, but all of ZodTTD’s emulators, when in landscape mode, require you to turn your phone to the left, with the home button on the right.

  4. Nikola Says:

    It’s a nice effort but if you are going to lug something that size around might as well carry a PSP there are a bunch of emulators and games available for it and it would save your battery for the main function of a phone, talking.

    Don’t get me wrong I like this very much, but IMO they should have made it collapsible, foldable, or out of two separate parts. It just doesn’t make sense to lug something that size around. I mean it cool to have around the house when you want some emulator action, but if you are serious about gaming on the go then buy a handheld console.

    I don’t want to sound like a troll, I’m trying to give these guys some constructive criticism, because the way I see it if they want to really sell this and not just do it as a hobby they need to rethink their design because the market for this version is small. Get it in to a smaller (foldable?) package and many more people would be willing to get this including me.

  5. tgwaste Says:

    i completely agree.. the iphone is long enough i could not imagine having to carry this huge thing around. the concept is AWESOME, but needs some more thinking. also if its gonna be this big maybe put some extra buttons on it we can map to things like quick save/load etc.

  6. Denis Says:

    Why does Atari Lynx come to mind?

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