May 31

A great video presentation of a 3G iPhone concept. Note that this is just a concept send in for the design contest. But everything is so smooth and hot, I just had to share it with you. Especially the way the accelerometer is being used with the icons on springboard.
Read more to view the video.

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12 Responses to “3G Iphone Concept”

  1. iphoneinator Says:

    Hey multinova, is there anyway you can post videos on your site in a mannor that those of us who read this on our iPhone can watch the video? :mrgreen:

  2. iphoneinator Says:

    Sorry I dont think multinova wrote this :lol: but.. Anyway my question still applies..

  3. Multinova Says:

    Hi iPhoneinator,

    I’ll activate the option so all you iPhone readers can view the movies :)

  4. iphoneinator Says:


  5. RvdP Says:

    You can also use iTransmogrify.
    It’s real simple and easy to use but only works on youtube videos.
    You can find it here:

  6. iphoneinator Says:

    so how do we watch it.. Or can you let us kno wen you’ve turned it on?

  7. iphoneinator Says:

    I’ve not been able to see the video yet cuz my computer ain’t workin and I ain’t seen it with my phone… But to me it sounds like and looks like you can use the accelerometer to move the screen like in safari.. And I have been glad from the beginning they did not do this because I do not think it is a good idea.. It looks ugly to me and there’s no use for it! :cool:

  8. iKevin Says:

    WOW! that looks fantastic. if that is the new iPhone i’ll buy it immediately

  9. the boos Says:

    is it true??? in apple website there is no any news about iphone3g

  10. iphoneinator Says:

    i finally saw the video (via iTransmorgify *thank you RvdP)! THAT LOOKS AWESOME! i really hope that they do something as easy like that where you can turn off edge and on 3g and vice versa.. THAT WOULD ROCK!

  11. Multinova Says:

    Another week and we will know :)

  12. iphoneinator Says:

    or lets hope so! what is your opinion on the price?

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