May 29

SkySMS 1.0.6

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SkySMS is a new Xwaves open source application that let’s you send sms’es via internet sms providers.
So what’s the advantage ?? Sms sending from the internet is cheap, very cheap or even free.
At the time of writing, the following are provders are supported, Freecall, DFI, VoipBuster, Justvoip, Orange CH, Hispeed, Swisscom Xtra-Zone, Vyke, Low Rate VoIP, VoIP cheap, VoIP discount, VoIP Stunt en Zyke KW.
For ex, if you have a voipbuster account, you are allowed to send 5 free sms each day, each sms after those 5 is sended at a very low price.
You can even create your own provider-scripts. When a provider allows sms’s to be send via HTTP then you can take one of the example scripts (located at: /Applications/

1) Locate and install the app

2) Lauch the app. Ater you have started the app, you will need to add an account via the settings.
As i don’t have an account i can’t show you the full working of the app. But it does work.

This little app is available in the through the ispazio packaging source, see our sources page.

ps: this is the same review as my old one.. nothing changed :)



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3 Responses to “SkySMS 1.0.6”

  1. Guilherme Says:

    I really love this software

  2. iPhone Says:

    Seems cool, i’m gonna try it

  3. Danny Says:

    Dear my friend, would you please show me how to “create my own provider-scripts” (, I have already possibility to send SMS true my mobile provider from PC.
    Your quick response will be highly appreciate.Danny

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