May 29

Most of the up to date iphone and ipod freakz remember the amazing video of 2 developpers being able to port Quake2 to the iphone/ipod. Unfortunately they were just testing it out and were not planning to release anything. Candian developper IUGO mobile entertainment managed to create a first person shooter for the iphone, and this one actually is going to be released on both iphone and ipod.

The game is called ‘Re-volt’ and it uses the accelerometer (tilting sensors) and the touch screen to their full advantage. By tilting the screen, the quake2 look-a-like game, will move your character through the level. Shooting works automatic, but you can use the touch screen to tap for auto aim on the enemy.

The developper has’nt decided to release the application through the soon-to-be-launched AppStore, or to use an established publisher. One thing is sure though, the game will be released! We will be looking out for some more footage for you, for now we have a avarage-quality youtube video bellow as a little teaser.

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3 Responses to “Re-volt a First-Person-Shooter”

  1. Andy Says:

    Looks pretty sick.

  2. tysiphonehelp Says:

    I can’t wait to play it.

  3. namq Says:

    That thing totally rulez. I tired in at the show floor. It is way better than it looks on the video. You have to queue up to try out that demo. These iugo guys know how to make games work on mobile platform. It isn’t just a PC/Console FPS port, it is totally design for mobile. I played another version on standard CDMA phone that works with just one-thumb. Its crazy amazing. Pretty sick stuff. All the big publishers are gonna panicked. These are the same guys that did BloomBlox mobile for EA, which got a maxed out score on pocketgamer recently. Definitely a rising superstar mobile developer here. if such thing ever existed…

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