May 27

Ok it’s official.
TeliaSonera has received the rights to bring the iPhone to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
That’s cool news for all of our european friends :)
There’s only 1 country that won’t be getting the iPhone for now.

The Netherlands are feeling left out … let’s hope they get an announcement real soon, and if they don’t, they can still get it in Belgium :)

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14 Responses to “TeliaSonera brings iPhone to the Nordics and Baltics”

  1. RvdP Says:

    We not good enough!? :cry:

  2. matt Says:

    :oops: Australia hasent go it :sad:

  3. Multinova Says:

    Yes you will :)


    ps: glad to see you here Matt :)

  4. Cigaro Says:

    Hi,i’M from lithuania and i have iphone about 1 year :P

  5. Abakadabra Says:

    which country in europe doesn’t have iPhone?

  6. Multinova Says:

    For the moment, the only country that hasn’t had a official announcment is the Netherlands .. but i just read that KPN (dutch mobile provider )is in talks with Apple.

  7. Abakadabra Says:

    wrong! Luxembourg doesn’t have the iphone …

  8. Multinova Says:

    i Think Lichtenstein wont have it to :razz:

  9. Abakadabra Says:

    yeah now you know 2 or 3 countries….but i thougt only one? :smile:

  10. Andy Says:

    It’s truly amazing to see how this is becoming a worldwide thing. Side note: I have a couple quick questions about WinPwn 1.0, particularly about the Advanced Tab, so, if anyone could be of any assistance, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve posted on forums and sent e-mails out, yet no one replies. Thanks.

  11. fahd Says:

    Hye bro , anyone know anything about Malaysia, i mean when it’s will be official ??? :sad:

  12. Multinova Says:

    Not yet but i’ll keep you guys updated :)

  13. abakabra Says:

    yeah and too 4 luxemburg, the home of my heart, the home of milk, the home of no iphone ..

  14. yande Says:

    How about Indonesia? Coz’ in here until now apple hasn’t officially release iphone

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