May 25

It’s time to inform you guys of the updates again.

I’ve added automatic pictures (avatars) when you post a comment.
If you like to have your own picture (avatar), like me, then you can register for free on

Once you have registered, Make sure you use the same e-mail address as the one you are using to post comments on here.

So far for the avatar announcement.


iPhoneFreakz has grown rapidly lately and i’m unable to reply to all your questions. As much as i’d like to do it, i just don’t have time enough.

That’s why i’ve created this forum.

Let’s build a strong iPhone/iPod touch community and help each other with all the problems and requests we have.

I’ve created some default forums, but if you know of any new ones i should add, leave a comment in the forum and i’ll add it asap.

The good news it that the Forum is totally integrated with the main site. So if you already registered on iPhoneFreakz, then you can login with the same username and password on the forum.
Another nice thing is, once you have loged in on the forum or the site, you will be logged in on both !


To celebrate the rapid growing of iPhoneFreakz i will start a contest with lot’s of nice prizes 20 of them for now.
They include covers, screenprotectors, leather pouches, hard cases, etc .. and i have these for the iPod Touch and for the iPhone !!

What do you have to do to win? It’s easy… register on and post your comments and questions on the forum, be active and help each other :)

I’ll update this post later with pictures of the prizes and some more information.

ps: This sweepstakes is open to everybody !




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10 Responses to “iPhoneFreakz update + contest launch”

  1. Banyú Says:

    :roll: Great blog, man.

  2. cigaro Says:

    Nice :wink:

  3. Multinova Says:

    Thanks :mrgreen:

  4. tysiphonehelp Says:

    I don’t like how the site is set up now. :( I liked it better the old way.

  5. Multinova Says:

    Sorry you don’t like it :sad:
    I do have to make some modifications before it will be fully ready.

  6. tysiphonehelp Says:

    Ok, hopefully i like it a little better. :)

  7. shimmering_silence Says:

    Hey… previous theme was much better than this one… :sad:

  8. Multinova Says:

    Could you tell me what you don’t like about it?

  9. shimmering_silence Says:

    Y not… 1st of all colour combination of right two coloumn’s bg color & fg/text color is not good, its blueish grey on black which is not that eye catchy. Secondly, now posts are in the left most coloumn, which ll take me sometime to adjust with as i m habitual of the previous theme. Well mate personally I dont like this one as compared to the previous theme, but taste changes frm ppl to ppl.

  10. Braden Says:

    Haha. I just realized I was the comment in the screenshot above. I totally didn’t expect that.

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