May 23

Zinio is a service that let’s your read all your favorite magazines on your computer.
Normally you have to pay for this service (about 5$/mag), but we the lucky iPhone and ipod touch owners can read all these magazines for free (for now anyway)
The list of magazines includes very popular ones like, US news, Saveur, Digital Photography, Men’s health, MacWorld, Esquire, and so on…
It even let’s your read playboy and penthouse !

Fire up your iPhone or iPod browsers and navigate to
Tap the mag you’d like to read and then tap once on the page you’d like to see.

Some screenshots:


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2 Responses to “Read free magazines on your iPhone”

  1. maury Says:

    i like dis web is very nice tanks

  2. Jash Sayani Says:

    Thats cool !
    iPhone users have lots of advantages !
    And they do deserve it !

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