May 22

Just found out that iPhoneRoms is has been back online since tuesday.
For the people who don’t know what iPhoneRoms is, let me briefly explain.
ZodTTD is a super developer who created several applications that can emulate all sorts of consoles.
He created a Gameboy emulator called GameBoy4iPhone, a Sega Genesis emulator named Genesis4iphone, a Gameboy advance emulator named gpsPhone and last but not least a Super Nintendo emulator called SNES4iPhone.

There’s another emulator called NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) but ZodTTD didn’t create that one. If i’m correct i think the guys from NullRiver soft(installer guys) created that one.

Most of these emulators can be found in our installer by adding the Zodttd source. check our sources page.

Back to iPhoneroms. They currently have about 350 Roms on the site, and they expect to add about 50 Roms a day.

what’s also new is that they are hosting GameBoy roms now.

So this brings the number of platforms for which you can download roms up to 5.

Gameboy, Gameboy advance, SNES, NES and Genesis.

The repo name is still the same:

All our reviews of the emulators can be found on the emulator page.



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