May 21

O my god, i just broke my iphone’s screen!! Uh,not, just put myself laughing.

But you can also bite your friends. On this site you can find a few links to really make a few tweaks on your iPhone, but really they are not.

It is made for your colleagues or friends their iPhone to look like broken pieces and give them the fright to hunt.
Certainly try this one for a good laugh.
Go to in the iPhone browser.

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9 Responses to “ Make your friends cry :-)”

  1. Zoe Says:

    :lol: nice joke i would like to try it on my frien M’s phone :twisted:

  2. henry Says:

    Henry is a beaner

  3. melo mel Says:


  4. uriel Says:

    i want to get an i-touch!!

  5. Todd Says:

    That would scare the crap out of me……lo

  6. amy Says:

    the site isn’t working!!!!!!!

  7. Kim Says:

    The website isn’t working

  8. Colby Says:

    I broke it

  9. Reto Rohrbach Says:

    Its cOoolll and funy

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