May 19

Installer got an update to version 3.11 today.

AppTapp and Ripdev have included some beautifull new features.
Let me list the new features:

-the ability to refresh only 1 source instead of all your sources (thanks guys !)
– a quick restart of your SpringBoard without Locking your Screen 1.1.3
– A more infor tab for the sources
– Russian localization thanks to RiP Dev (alexxb5)
– The repository is no longer stored in the cache.
– Uninstall has a search function

To upgrade just refresh all your sources and your installer will tell you that there is a upgrade.


ps: sorry for the little posts today, i’m getting up to speed as you are reading this :)

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30 Responses to “Installer 3.11 upgrade released !”

  1. vlade Says:

    and we were the first ;)

  2. cigaro Says:

    nice !! i love it ! :)))

  3. Juliopod Says:

    When i try to update it, i got this error message “Not enought free space disk ti update installer! Please free at least 512kb of space” but i got more than 4go free space !!

  4. luka Says:

    when i install somethig or uniinstal something it will show a seting language and then go to springboard is this normal

  5. Multinova Says:

    Hi Juliopod, try to relocate your apps + fonts with bosstool.

  6. vlade Says:


  7. vlade Says:


    – Localization support (.lproj all the way!)
    – Sources fetched are no longer cached
    – Fast respring for 1.1.3+
    – Source description cell height is now dynamic as well.
    – Single source refresh button in the source info.
    – Experimental version comparison algo to prevent update offers when package is present in multiple repositories (only when version number can be decomposed using standard Apple’s algorithm).
    – Search field for the Uninstall section.
    – Adding a repository will only refresh it and not all of the sources.
    – Fixed an issue with permissions for the folders being created not getting proper permissions.
    – The section list table is now properly resized when keyboard appears/disappears.

    P.S.: special for Multinova :)

  8. Multinova Says:

    Thanks Vlade :)

  9. Juliopod Says:

    i can’t install anything >< it always return to the desktop before the end of the installation :(

  10. Juliopod Says:

    ok, i fix my problem !
    delete some themes (make free space in the good dir), then install BossTool to move apps, and then, i can install anything =)

  11. Saif Says:

    i have a 1.1.4 iphone and installer showes the update for v3.11 but it failes to install, i also tried to install the installer fix but the same erorr happend.
    what is wrong?

  12. iPhoneFreakz Installer 3.1 fix » iPhoneFreakz Says:

    […] Don’t install this, just go for the updated version 3.11. […]

  13. Daniel Says:

    When i installed this version (i don’t know if it’s because of this update), some apps disapeared.

    ps: i can’t install Vnsea (app) , it says there is from a unstruted source, and when i click intall it says “package download failed. how can i fix that?

  14. Parrish Says:

    I have 1.1.4 and when I installed 3.11 every time that I open installer it just shuts back down and goes to springboard

  15. hgjh Says:

    u need to uninstall things because ur disk partition is running low

  16. Praveen Says:

    Currently running on 1.1.2 version. when I try to update to 3.11 ,I get a message stating Error package download failed. Any way to fix this problem

  17. Pochaco Says:

    Everytime I install it and I press one of the buttons on the bottom like “Install” or “Sources”, my entire ipod touch freezes and I have to do a hard reset.

    16GB iPod Touch – 1.1.4 jailbroken, worked perfectly with 3.1

  18. slolord Says:

    I have ipod touch 1.1.4, when i install installer 3.11 i can’t refresh my sources, new sources go to uncatagorizate :???: :cry:

  19. alex Says:

    To fix the freezing problme im sorry but you will have to restore it in iTunes and then re-jailbreak it.Don’t re-jailbreak as soon as you restore it. Go to contacts tap + and then First Last then just type on the key board anything for about 20s then tap cancel NOT HOME. Then re-jailbreak it and thats it. If you want to you can re-upgrade it and it WILL NOT freez. I dont’t know why this works but it does. I take no credit for this i DID NOT come up with this.

  20. Ryan Says:

    I know this is really old but it saved me! Thank You!!!! How random right? But it works!!!

  21. Joseph Says:

    Just a doubt, I’ve upgraded the Installer from 3.01 to 3.11, no errors, but is it ok the number one (1) above the Update icon? See the last two images at the top of this article, on my touch it appears the same. As I said, no errors, but now every time I run Installer, see the Update icon with this number and the Installer version 3.01 appears, looks like ready to be updated. Is this ok?

  22. frustrated Says:

    ummm I updated to 3.11 or whatever okay and I’m having the problem where I can’t install- it just goes back to the menu. I’ve uninstalled a LOT of stuff and I’m getting no results. PLEASE help!

  23. pixie Says:

    hey praveen

    having the same problem with my i phone installer. found any solution yet..if yes pls do help!! thanks

  24. matt g. Says:

    I had the same prob.
    I wanted to throw it out the window every time I ran a app or wen on anything that involved an Internet connection it froze and I had to restart it over and over
    If u solved the porn. Con u plea tell me how & email me @

  25. hisham Says:

    :shock: got a problem while updating 3.11 its telling no enough space it needs 500k and i got 6 gb free

  26. allinone23 Says:

    When I try to upgrade i keep getting “bad URL’ error. And when I try to select anything on the Featured “Most Popular” screen it just crashes back to the home screen.

  27. aj Says:

    iphone installer 3.11 will download but does not install just goes back to spring board help pls i have 65 progeam and want to download more 5 gig free
    and camera does not save pics have to use other camera

  28. jerwin Says:

    hw can i upgrade my ipod touch installer 3.01 to 3.11…what should i do to upgrade my installer..pls

  29. jerwin Says:

    how can i upgrade my ipod touch 3.01 to 3.11?pls help me

  30. Samuel Says:

    My cydia is crashed and I don’t have ssh to remove the files.I don’t have installer on my iPhone please guide me how to install installer using GPRS from the safari browser so that I can install ssh and fix the cydia

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