May 19

I wrote you guys about FileBrowser 1.1 a few days ago, well it seems that Stephan Bayer is unstoppable for the moment, he released version 1.2 this morning and this evening version 1.3. UPDATE to version 1.4 check updated down

What’s new in version 1.2 ?
I briefly updated the original post this morning.
The Settings now allow you to change the HOME directory to your preference and the app now let’s you patch Safari automatically to open local files like (pdf, doc and xls)

What’s new in version 1.3 ?
-A new gui!
-The app now has the possibility to create, copy, cut and paste (folders and files)!!
-The app also let’s you look for files on your iPhone or iPod in the current directory.
The only thing this app misses is a built in editor !!

1) Let’s locate and install the update.

2) Let’s run the app and check out it’s new gui and features. As you will see the bottom icons have changed.
You can create a folder, edit(which pop’s up a new screen where you have the copy, cut, paste and delete option), search for a file and set your options.

3) Let’s check the settings page. Here you can still set the username and password to copy your files via the browser. Set your home directory. Restrict the access to the home directory and patch your safari to open local files (you don’t need to activate this if you already installed the safari patch from installer)

4) Let’s go back to your previous screen. When you tap on the edit button, your lower icons will change to the functions copy, cut, paste and delete.

5) If you want to search for a file, press the find file tap and enter the name or first letter of the file you’d like to find. The search function will only search in your current directory. If you’d like to search your full iPhone or iPod touch, you need to disable the restrict to home option in the settings and navigate to your root /. when you press find file there, the app will search all the directory’s in your iPhone.

6) You can still manage your files via the browser. Go to your Pc or Mac browser (safari, opera, firefox, ie) and open the address you see in the options.

UPDATE 1.4 gives us a new feature ! Unzipping from in the app. If you use SwapPlugin to download zip files, you can now easily unzip them from FileBrowser.

This little app is available in the through the iSpazio packaging source, see our sources page.


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10 Responses to “Filebrowser 1.3/1.4 let’s you copy, edit, paste and search your iPhone”

  1. Juliopod Says:

    When i yti to install it (like some other softs or updates or even themes …) the installation stops at the end or just before the end, and comes back to the “desktop” without really install the soft … why ? how ca i fix ? (all fixes are already installed)

  2. cigaro Says:

    I’m going to install this.

  3. Multinova Says:

    Have you tried to install the Installer update version 3.11 ?

  4. cigaro Says:

    i updatet installer,and then deleted old mobile finder,yhen installed filebrowser 1.4 and works fine for me :)

  5. mia Says:

    where can i paste the file that i have copied?

  6. kraussco Says:

    how to copy files ?

  7. adatis Says:

    when i enter the address in my browser on the mac, i have to enter a username and a password. where do i get that from.

    trying to delete a file on the iphone directly with the edit button and then delete, doesn’t work.file is still there.

    thanks for the help

  8. bennyvd Says:

    You have to create it yourself. You can find it under Options.


  9. Vladimir Says:

    Great job!

    How to manage files via PC browser?

    The large .jpg files can’t be done smaller to fit screen.


  10. wunan Says:

    hi..i try to download my filebrowser 2.0 in my iphone but i got ‘error downloading package’ pop up..why is that happen?my iphone is 1.1.4 using ziphone jailbreak

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