May 19

If you haven’t heared it already today, some new pictures popped up of the iPhone 3G.
This time it are renderings from Exo the iPhone case maker.
The renderings show us the iPhone looking the same except for the fact that it has been rounded!
To me this makes perfect sense. If the iPhone 3G will support all those new nifty features like 3G, GPS, bigger memory and who knows what else, the casing has to be bigger, and that’s exactly what these pics proof.

If you like to have a look at the site itself, you can go watch it for yourself, but be prepared to wait a long time, it seems that the servers are being hammered !

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5 Responses to “3G iPhone looks almost the same?”

  1. cigaro Says:

    Omg it’s big and ugly :(

  2. iphoneinator Says:

    i dont believe this is the real thing! i mean look the home screen has the same icons as it did when it first came out! if this was the 3g iphone it would have the youtube and itunes apps if not more! and do you really belive apple.. who has made such a beautiful product as the iphone and other products such as the macbook air or iMac’s would make something this hidious?!? no. i dont believe a bit of it.

  3. bennyvd Says:

    lets hope not :-)

  4. thabigboss Says:

    hey guys winpwn just went official woot..

  5. Multinova Says:

    Hey Guys,

    this is a computer rendering of a case of EXO-skin. this picture only proves that the shape of the iphone will be more rounded :)

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