May 18

Docs 1.1 has been released and it brings a ton of updates.
The app now supports inline previews of your documents, no longer needed to start Safari to view a doc!
A completely rewritten gui, which i think is very nice.
And last but not least the option to play media files via AVPLAYER.

1) To be able to play your audio and video files with Docs, you will need to install MobileFinder first and then AVPLAYER.

2) To get Docs to play your Audio and video files we need to open MobileFinder first and adjust some settings. to achieve this, go to the settings tap in MobileFinder and scroll down to File Associations.
Tap the button to create the following new associations. (in these cases i wish we had copy and paste :) ).
You will need to restart MobileFinder every time you add a association!

3) Let’s locate and install Docs 1.1

4) Let’s run Docs and have a look. The default setting will not let you preview your documents. Let’s go to the settings and change that.

5) Restart the app docs, and now you will be able to preview your docs inline.

6) To put files onto your iPhone for later viewing check this post.
the directory where you need to put your files is /var/mobile/Media/myDocs

 This is a very good and simple app to use. I’d recommend this!

This little app is available in the through the BigBoss packaging source, see our sources page.


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4 Responses to “Docs 1.1 (extensive guide)”

  1. Juliopod Says:

    hi, i install MobileFinder first, than i try to install AVPlayer, but an error message told me “AVPlayer requires the MobileFinder package. Please install it first.”
    I already add the 4 extension in MobileFinder, so i think MF works !
    How to fix this ? :/ thx

  2. Juliopod Says:

    Finnaly it work with mobileFinder 1.8.0.
    But i can open *.rtf, *.mov, *.mp3 even with the new extensions added.
    can explain ?

  3. Juliopod Says:

    erratum : i cant’*

    Whan i try to open a mp3 file (into Finder or Docs) it opens the web page of AVPlayer instead ! :(

  4. Multinova Says:

    Try the new filebrowser 1.5 i’m writing a review about it now, will be online in about 1 hour (i hope) :)

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