May 14

The CEO of Intel Germany Hannes Schwaderer announced that there will be 2 new iphones on WWDC, one with a bigger screen and one with 3G.

During the celebration of Intels 40th aniversary in Germany the local CEO talked about the new iPhones:

The new iPhone will use the newest Intel Atom chip and will be a little bigger then the current model.

The resolution of the new iPhone is said to be 720* 480. But that’s not the only news.

Scwadere also knew that there will be 2 iPhones annouced on the WWDC. The one with the bigger screen and the 3G model that will be approx as big as our current iPhones.
Again this is a lot of speculation, and honestly i don’t belive that even a German CEO is allowed to talk about the upcoming Iphone(s).

Maybe the big iPhone Hannes was talking about is a MacTablet?
We will know soon enough.


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