May 12

Swapplugins is another application that let’s you swap a setting.
This swap application gives us the option to download the files we watch or stream.
In standard mode, your safari file will be played into the iPhones native music or video player.
When you press the swapplugin, safari will ask you to download the file locally onto your iPhone so later on you will be able to play it locally from your iPhone.

1) Make sure you have the Jiggy runtime installed before proceeding.

2) Locate and install the app Swapplugins.

3) Let’s run the app and have a look. when you start it for the first time, the app will tell you that you are in streaming mode. Safari will always stream the files and not let you download (this is standard).
Once you have pressed the enable downloading button. A new window will pop up in safari that will let you download the file to your ~Download directory.
Some screenshots:

This little app is available in the through the iSpazio packaging source, see our sources page.


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  1. Dave Says:

    Can someone zip this file and save it here or provide me a link, I can not get it to download via the installer, thank you so very much

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