May 12

My first tutorial for iPhonefreakz. Today we’re going to show you how to set the interval of automatic server checking from 15 minutes to 1 minute!


– jailbroken iPhone :)
– IMAP account (Google’s the best)
– OpenSSH installed on your phone
– WinSCP installed on your computer

So, let’s begin:

– Connect your iPhone to your access point via Wi-Fi
– make sure your computer is in the same network
– Open WinSCP and connect it to your iPhone

– to do so type in the IP of your iPhone within your network, starting with 168.192…, login: root and your password (alpine or dutty)

– after clicking Login you have to wait about 30 seconds if you use OpenSSH for the first time

– if this message appears just relax and keep waiting, it’s all fine! :)

– finally you should have access to your iPhones’ files

– if you are running 1.1.3 or newer copy this file to your computer:


– if your iPhone is running an older version you should copy this file:


– Now switch over to this nice webpage >>click<<

– select the file you’ve just copied to your computer, hit Convert on the webpage and finally save it back to your computer

– open the converted file with WordPad, Editor or just something else :)

– do you see the AutofetchInterval Key? Just change 15 to another integer like 1(=1 minute)

– save the file and send it to your iPhone via WinSCP

Congratulation! You’re iPhone will now check your email every minute!

Note! If you go into Settings/Mail/Auto-Check in your iPhone, your iPhone willreset the interval to 15 minutes and you have to redo everything!

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5 Responses to ““Push Email” on Your iPhone – HowTo”

  1. iambored8907 Says:

    Technically not push, but thanks for the tutorial. This will especially drain your battery (more than Yahoo! push email)

  2. Multinova Says:

    You are correct. The titles is a bit misleading. But thanks to Benny for his first super post !

  3. gabriel Says:

    is it true that the new software will have not only push, but also somethig very similar to “blackberry” messenger’?

    i wonder if theyre going to be compatible…for example, will i be able to chat from my iphone with this messenger with a blackberry user?

  4. gabriel Says:

    this tip is great..the thing is it will only work as push if youre 24/7 on wifi…or else it will charge the hell outta you on Edge..

    kills ur battery as well…

  5. Euroclie Says:

    Just for the record, with the 2.2.1 firmware, the plist file to look for in the /var/mobile/Library/Preferences directory is called, and the autofetch interval is now called “PCDefaultPollInterval”… Thanks for the tip, though, it pointed me in the right direction when I was searching how to change this setting beyond the proposed options!

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