May 10

MooCowMusic band has just been released a day ago, and already the new instruments are popping up in the installer. I think that this app is going to be worth gold in a very short time.

The new instruments are actually very cool.
You now have a, Leadguitar, Rhytmguitar, Flute, ElectroBoard and a DaftBand (very very cool)
You can find them all in your installer.

Some of these instruments are quite big, so if you haven’t moved your applications and such to the big partition on your iPhone or iPod touch, this might be the moment to do this. Please check my BossTool post here.

Let’s install them by searching in the installer.

Let me show you some of the new instruments:

Leadguitar (8.5mb)

RythmGuitar 1.0 (2.9mb)

Flute 1.0 (1.6mb)

ElectroBoard 1.0 (2.6mb)

DaftBand 1.0 (9.6mb)

Each one of the new instruments if very cool.They have some limities like unable to change fret, but i’m sure that these little issues will be resolved in later versions.

This little app is available in the through the modmyifone packaging source, see our sources page.


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One Response to “New instruments for MooCowMusic Band.”

  1. Syntax Era Says:



    Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
    Bit Slider
    Michael Jackson Mash Up
    iPhish – Phish Comeback Instrument
    Clouse Encounter of the 3rd Kind
    Aphex Twin / AMEN Drum Kit

    All can be downloaded off my repo:

    For YouTube Demos of a few of the Instruments…


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