May 08

Minou chat Chat is a web application for the iPhone and iTouch that allows you to chat in different discussion-rooms. Among its features are the fact that it is very light so it does not consume a lot of battery.
The app also contains a number of games in IRC style.
One of the nice other options you have, is the possibility to create your own chat rooms.


No registration required, just insert a nickname and a password.

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19 Responses to “A chat for iPhone”

  1. DavineAngel Says:


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  3. jim Says:


  4. jim Says:


  5. jim Says:

    anyone here

  6. emanuel Says:


  7. Nagi Says:


  8. Nagi Says:


  9. hong Says:

    hi any one from the 401 area?

  10. sophie Says:

    Hi guys!!

  11. sophie Says:

    how borin lol. No1 chattin?

  12. michael Says:

    hey whAt’s up

  13. michael Says:

    sophie what u up to?

  14. Blackjackzach Says:


  15. Anthony Says:

    Anyone has call of duty let me know and play on wifi for wii

  16. Anthony Says:


  17. Meryt Says:

    Ughhh this sucks!!

  18. Messedup Says:

    Waw lame

  19. Hi Says:

    Hey hw r u, 27/m/uk

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