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I know that some of you guys where waiting for this one. The review is going to be sooo big.
That’s why i decided to make it a multiple post review.

I do have some remarks. The iPhone Pc suite is very nice, but sometimes it’s still buggy. Install it at your own risk.
Ok let’s start. What can it do for us Windows users?
A lot !!!!
Let’s first start with downloading the app from here or here .

Ready ?

1) when you start the app It will ask you to install a daemon onto your iPhone. I didn’t succeed in this the first time and also the second time it didn’t work as well.

The best thing you do is reboot your pc and iphone and start the Pc Suite then. the app is going to ask you to reboot your phone 3 times to get the daemon onto it. Try and if you don’t succeed the first time, reboot your pc and iPhone and try again.

2) After the succesfull instalation of the daemon the Pc suite will connect to your iphone and it will shot it on it’s gui. On the top right corner of the app, you will see your firmware version if you’re connected.
The iPhone pc suite has 4 menu buttons on the bottom, just like your iPhone, which go to Menu, system, Personal and Turn off

3) Today i’m going to focus on the first menu alone. Let’s start by clicking on Photo’s.
A new window will pop open and it will give you the option to either download or upload pictures. I’ll show you the upload pics first and then the download. The interface is very easy, you just select which pictures you want to upload or download. Works perfectly!!

4) Let’s have a look at the iPod (music) function. Ok the app isn’t iTunes but it do a lot of things.
-upload and download music from your iPhone
-create and edit playlists
-upload and download movies
-view detail mode or thumbnails
-add album art
-rename or delete files
-Restore your database !!
-And clean up invalid music (for itunes syncing)
Let’s see the screens

This also works perfectly !

5) Now off to the calendar. It gives you a lot of options. You can add, delete, save and export and inport your calendar.
Import export to Outlook and vCalendar files.
Let’s see the screens

This works but not always. The app crashed Once when i was syncing to outlook.

6) Next in line is the contacts app. The app let’s you edit your contacts and it let’s you exchange surnames and first names!! It also let’s you move all first names without surname to the surname column. And finaly you can move all surnames without first name to the first name column.
Very nice features.

7) The sms app. A ton of features also here.
-New numbers can be added to your contacts.
-Reply to sms from the program
-Delete your individual sms
-Export sms to txt
-Forward a sms
-And have a sms chat with someone.

Works perfect, always press the update button after you made changes.

8) The memo’s. Following options are available.
-Creating of new notes.
-Renaming titles, and editing of the note itself.
-Delete a note
-Export notes to txt

Works perfect, always press the update button after you made changes.

9) The ebook program. It let’s you convert any txt file to a HTML wich can be read by Panda Reader.
Panda reader is a iPhone native application from the same developers.

Works perfect, always press the update button after you made changes.

10) Your calllogs. It let’s you view all dialled, failed, received and missed calls. It also let’s you delete single entries. One nice feature is that you can add a number to your contacts from within the logs.

11) The app installer. I didn’t get this to work so i can’t say much about it. I tried installing panda reader but it was a big no no. Later version will probably support this better but as for now i will not use this to install any apps. We still have the installer and Cydia :)

12) Last but not least for today is the file manager. This has a lot of options.
-You can upload and download files from your iPhone.
-Add folders to your favorites so you can browse to them instantly.
-Rename and delete files
-Set permissions (although this didn’t always work for me !)

Ok this is it for today. I’ll try to post the other info tomorrow or at latest the day after.
Verdict ?
Download and use it, but be carefull. There are some bugs that need to be fixed, but that app is already going strong. One thing that’s sometimes difficult is the chinese. If Panda (the creators) can fix these little issues, i think a lot of people might use this app.

I surely recommend it so far.

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45 Responses to “iPhone pc Suite Monster Review Pt1”

  1. shimmering_silence Says:

    I was waiting for this Multinova.. thanks mate (:

  2. RsALs Says:

    Finally, great post! thanks

    by the way dont run itunes and sync when your add songs or make custom ringtone through this app it will be erased!

  3. Multinova Says:

    You’re welcome :)

  4. x Says:

    yes this version erases the custom ringtones you made …. although it should have been nice bacause when u create a custom ringtone it will be separated from the normal tones .. it has its own “box” hehehe but if u sync in itunes bye bye

    i still use v. it doesnt erase the custom ringtones upon synching in itunes :D

    anyway a very nice preview thanks :)

  5. x Says:


  6. Multinova Says:

    The new version has been released

    I didn’t have time yet to have a look :(

  7. xexor Says:

    How do I update to a new version? The AutoUpgrade pops up every time I launch the program and downloads the latest version in the folder Updater, but nothing more. Do I overwrite the existing files with the new ones?

  8. SandoGeek Says:


    When I send SMS messages through the SMS chat, they are cut in pieces of about 63 characters. So, long SMS are split into several SMS. Any reason why this could be happening?

  9. Alex Says:

    Hi All!!!! This will be a very long post…but I hope interesting…

    Just one simple consideration on the Photos functionalities…I have noticed that while uploading a photo on iPhone, this photo is resized and it is not maintined at its original dimension and resolution as written in the window…As an example I’ve tryed to upload a 3MB picture with very high resolution (around 8 Mpixels): this photo was sotred in the Camera Roll and it result in 600 Kbyte size with a very low resolution!!!! Moreover I’ve noticed that some picture are not correctly displyed on the screen using the native Photo Show of the iPhone!!!!!
    Normal iPods, work like this (extract from Internet):
    “If you look at your iPod in disk mode, you’ll find a “Photos” folder right under the main folder. Immediately under this folder is the “Photo Database” that iTunes creates, and one or two subfolders, depending on your configuration:
    THUMBS: This will always be present if you’ve synced any photo to your iPod. Within this directory are a series of thumbnail collections of the photos that are on your iPod. You don’t really need to worry too much about these files, as you can’t do much with them. There are some third-party tools available that can recover photos from these files, but this is generally only useful in a situation where your original photo library has been lost or destroyed, as the recovered photos will almost always be of a significantly lower resolution than your original photos. Information on how you can recover your photos can be found in our article, Copying Content from your iPod to your Computer.
    FULL RESOLUTION: If you’ve selected “Include Full Resolution Photos” in your iTunes preferences, you will have this second folder, containing copies of all of the photos you have synced onto your iPod. These files are simply copies of the original photos, and are not modified in any way. In fact, you’ll find that even the timestamps are maintained from the original files.”

    It is possible to implement in iPhone PC Suite something like this?



  10. Alex Says:

    One more question: do you know if there is an application for iPhone that able the Camera Connector to work whit it? Actually it does’nt…unfortunately!!!!



  11. biko Says:

    am sorry but is thier any manual for this great app
    some of the menus are in chianese
    ??? :cry:

  12. Patrick Says:

    My iphone firmware is 1.1.4.
    When I started the PC suite app It did not ask me to install the daemon onto your iPhone.
    Any hint?

  13. Patrick Says:

    Sorry, I meant:
    When I started the PC suite app It did not ask me to install the daemon onto MY iPhone.
    Any hint?

  14. inim76 Says:

    hi i use itouch with iphone-pc suit it seens ok but when i upload the photo , it never shows up in my itouch, anyone can help?

  15. Aleks Says:

    Windows xp64 bit version?

  16. Aleks Says:

    Pc Suite Iphone for windows XP 64 bit version?

  17. tung Says:

    Hi, do you know whether the soft work with 3g iphone (version 2.0) ?

  18. jose Says:

    does it work with iPhone 3g????

  19. Sandu Says:

    Yeah i would like to know this too … have recently buyed a new iphone 3g with firmware 2.0 and found out that i cant even transfer files from pc to iphone …

  20. Sandu Says:

    oh yea and does it work to transfer with pc suite files from pc to iphone through usb cable?

  21. bobo Says:

    hey i am wondering if this works for non jailbroken iphone?

  22. max Says:


  23. Pushpendra Says:

    hello its devil
    friend I m unable to install iphone pc suite at my lappy its showing error please help me out

  24. Kalp Sabhani Says:

    When I Connetced My Iphone 1.1.4 & Open PC Suit it give me an error Like Phone Daemon Encounter Problem. And Then PC Suit Automatically Close.

    What can i do Now for this Problem….

    Plz… Something do for my problem..

  25. darrell Says:

    does this thing work for ver. 2.1 ???
    i just jailbreak my iphone and upgraded to version 2.1..
    after clicking on the ipod icon a msg just popped out in chinese..
    i’m chinese myself but i cant read lol…

  26. zuniee Says:


    Even me too facing same problem… as soon as I connect my iPhone to PC Suite.. PC Suite craches in error, After I going thru various blogs i came to conclusion that I need to delete deamon and install it again..
    And one more problem is after iBrickr fix iPhone sound stopped working..
    Do you have any solution…
    Thanks ahead..

  27. cebutler94 Says:


  28. Natz Says:

    Hey guys i have found a way for you all to restore your backup from iphone pc suite .. like contacts/sms/etc .. even i upgraded my phone from 1.1.4 to 2.1 but panda iphone pc suite was not functioning !! after searching teh net for 2 days .. i got all my data up and running .. first d/l Total commander and add teh plugin
    t-pot for it. this plugin will recognize your iphone and thr u can just copy n paste the files in teh respective folders … all my data is restored … :D like .contacts/sms/pics/videos .. ringtones had to make them again .. as the path whr it stores i cudnt locate.. anwyays cheers and all teh best !!

  29. thomas Says:

    Yeah it works with 2.1 on a 3g phone. BUT everything is in Chinese (it changed when going from V1.x to V2.x). So not really usable for us not able to read Chinese. And only V2 is usable since V1 crashes when you connect the phone! tt

  30. Blue Ice Says:

    Hi Natz,

    thanks for finding a solution for that issue, BUT can you explain in details what i should i do in order to restore my Data to the New Version.

  31. Maria Says:

    Hey ^^
    i just wanna ask how can i install iPhone pc Suite ..
    i’ve downloading it and now its in WinRAR archive !!!?
    how can i setup it !!?
    waiting 4 an answer plzz

  32. bryseb Says:

    I did the same thing wait, do everythig and nothin,
    after will i descovery th you need go to task manager, and end prosses of 3 item from itunes, then click the iphone icon .exe and that is all. automatic does the upgrade. i have pc 2.3 work great

  33. bryseb Says:

    I did the same thing wait, do everythig and nothin,
    after will i descovery th you need go to task manager, and end prosses of 3 item from itunes, then click the iphone icon .exe and that is all. automatic does the upgrade. i have pc 2.3 work great

  34. hussein Says:

    hey iphone freaks plz i need a program that can be connect the iphone to my pc other than itunes !!!!

  35. Arai Says:

    Good job (^_^)

  36. RASHA Says:


  37. Rex Says:

    Same problem with me whenever i try to open Iphone Pc Suite It crashes and gives Error. Need Help !!

  38. lee_boy Says:

    friend I m unable to install iphone pc suite at my lappy its showing error please help me out

  39. Raihan Says:

    I have a ihone normal set. I have a question iphone pc suit sopport the windos xp or vista? please ell me
    my email

  40. Jaime Says:

    You have to go to task manager and end prosses of the 4itunes elements you will see and then you can install pcs and you must have frame.net 2. from microsoft instaled.

  41. Tegar Nyoto Says:

    I like iPHone PC suite. But after i updated, all the menu show weird character.
    Can you help me to make it to english character?

  42. bryseb Says:

    when you open pc suite on the left up corner make click in the arrow next to the iphone then go to the 3rd line, you will see another lines chek the first one is english

  43. Sanjay Says:

    PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW DO I UNISTALL Pada Daemon Icon which iPhone PC Suit has installed on my iphone….. Thanks

  44. Sidharth Says:

    when installing Phone Daemon for PC Suite, if you get a message saying “phone daemon not installed…leave the phone connected to USB when restarting, because thats when the Phone Daemon is installed

  45. aamir Says:

    plz i want to iphone 3gs pc suite_

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