Apr 26

One off the questions i hear the most with new iPhone users is, how can we delete individual call entries and sms entries? .

The apple apps don’t support these simple yet needed functions, so today i decided to write a little tool on how to get these functions on your iPhone.

The tool that we are going to install is called WeTool, it let’s you do the following;

-Delete indivudual call history logs.

-Delete individual sms messages

-Send a contact number via sms.

– Save a sms as a notepad file

– Forward your SMS

Let’s have a look at the interface.

1) You find the app in the utilities category of your installer.

2) Let’s run the app.

3) The first screen that opens is your contact list. Here you select the contact who’s number youd like to send to someone else. (sending calling cards or business card). The way it works is simple. You tap on the contact who’s number you’d like to forward and a new msg will popup, here you press the + button to add the contacts to whom you’d like to send the information.

4) The Second screen shows you your call log, here you can selectively delete any of the missed or received call logs.

5) Let’s go to the third screen, your sms messages. Not only can you delete your messages, but you can forward them or save them as a notepad message. Just tap a msg and you can chose to delete or save or forward the message.

6) the preferences screen let’s you chose the transition effect of the screens and allows you to enable the US version.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the modmyifone packaging source, see our sources page.


Thats it, enjoy :)

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9 Responses to “Manage your SMS and Calls logs with WeTool 0.3.9”

  1. Mamane Tapu Says:

    want the application

  2. crash Says:

    file doesn’t exist, cannot add the site as source beause it errors out, and this wetools is not created by you but instead by a group of developers originally from weiphone

  3. stavros Says:

    cannot connect to modmyifone repository.
    any help?

  4. Manish Says:

    Hello, added the source, but cannot find WeTool in the utilities or even new updates by Weiphone. Can find other stuff from weiphone, but not wetool, so can you guide….

  5. Manish Says:

    Hi. Have added the installer, but cannot find WeTool in either utilities or even under Weiphone new updates. Guide

  6. dave Says:

    cannot find weTool

  7. assharif Says:

    can not find wetool!

  8. Cam Says:

    Sounds great but where is it, have been to 4 different installers and not there.

  9. Wielietjie Says:

    Did anyone find the app? If not, any other suggestions?

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