Apr 25

The Appstore opening is coming close by the day. More and more developing studio’s are releasing news about games and apps they are going to release.
Freeverse is one of those studio’s, they published a list of games that they will release on the Appstore.

Freeverse is best known of their mac app sound Studio and some minor mac games.

But today i’m not going to discuss mac apps.

The company is planning to release 2 games.
1 Flick Sports that will use the iPhone’s unique flick/pinch feature. The game includes 4 fun, colorful and quick games. (Glof, Bowling, Soccer and Baseball)
1 Racing game, Wingnuts Motoracer. the game will use the accelerometer to steer and accelerate. Not much details are available for the moment, but here are some screenshots.

So what do you think about these games?

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One Response to “Freeverse’s list of official SDK games.”

  1. Dan Says:

    Assuming they’re not $5 each, I’ll give them all a try. But I’m sure they will be…

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