Apr 24

I already showed you how you can upload and download files to the iPhone via wi-fi connection.
For a recap, click here
Today i have something better, what if you could manage the files via your USB cable??
That would be sweet no ?
Well read on and i’ll show you exactly how….

To get this working, you will need some tools.

1) Make sure you have iTunes installed.

2) Install the application Total commander, you can find it here.

Don’t start the app after installation.

3) Download the T-pot extention from here.

4) Install Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.O from here. (not needed if you run Vista)

5) Connnect your iPhone to the USB cable and start iTunes (if it doesn’t start automatically)

6) Start the program Total Comander. You will need to register after 30 days, but for now just press the number the app is requesting.

7) Press ok for the default settings.

8) Browse to the directory where you downloaded the T-Pot extension.

9) Double click on the zip file. Total commander will see that it’s a plugin and will ask you if you’d like to install, click yes.

10) After the installation, go to the [-\-] directory in Total commander and click on the iPhone icon.

11) Now you will be able to browse the iPhone or iPod Touch filesystem.

Enjoy accessing the iPhone filesystem via the USB cable :)
This is very handy if you need to upload Roms or big files to your iPhone, the usb speed is much much faster than the traditional Wi-fi Solution.

Enjoy :)
Ps: Your iPhone doesn’t need to be JAILBREAKED for this

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54 Responses to “Manage your iPhone files via Usb cable (windows)”

  1. Dugun Salonlari Says:

    Bloody awesome. I never knew any of those queries, and I’m meant to know these things!! LOL!!

  2. Jason Hadjigeorgiou Says:


    Does this method work on an iphone 4 that has passcode on it? My nephew was playing with my phone and placed a passcode on it and he does not remember what he placed… I do not want to restore the phone because I have a lot of things on it, and cannot backup either with passcode on..!! Please help.
    I am also stuck at go to the [-\-] directory? what does this mean? Does it mean the Total commander directory? If so, i cant find the iphone icon as suggesting in tutorial.. Please help!

  3. Andre Says:

    Do you have a 64 bit version of T-Pot?

  4. Sven VDC Says:

    I had the same issue but it’s not a 64 bit version of T-Pot you need but of totalcommander, I installed the version that combines the two, and now it worked ;)

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