Apr 23

uShow must be one of the most anticipated apps we are all waiting for.
Now what does uShow do?
It’s going to be the Video-recording app.
Some features included but are not limited to:
1 button video recording!
1 button to save!
and 1 button to upload to your favorite community?
You will be able to upload to flickr, youtube, myspacetv, facebook, photobucket and mail the video.

Today Joe (creator of Ushow), sent me an e-mail where he informed me that the beta registration page has been openend.
I’d recommend everybody to go to http://ushow.com/ and register now.

Here are some screenshots:


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One Response to “Record video on your iPhone with Ushow”

  1. Fan 02:4 Says:

    This app seems intense! Like many others I tried ShowTime by Polar Bear Farms and iPhone video recorder by DreamCatcher. However, both of these video recorders sucked in terms of quality and cost. I can’t wait for the beta release to experience what uShow has in store for the iPhone community.
    “Stay up…..?”

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