Apr 22

So what is this Nakko.com

Nakko.com is a service that enables you to upload, edit and share your mobile stuff (like ringtones, graphics, videos and games) and download it directly to your mobile phone.
OK that sounds good to me, but what’s the difference between all those other ringtones and video sites?


Nakko supports our iPhone and is free:)
The site has tons of video’sand tones.

How does it work?

It’s very easy, you create an account here.

Start searching all the items you’d like to have.
Drop these items in your locker and then follow this procedure.

First make sure you have iTunes 7.6

1. 1. add the ringtones to your locker
2. 2. press the synchronize to iTunes button that you see in your locker
3. 3. iTunes opens
4. 4. select ‘podcasts’ (on the left)
5. 5. in podcasts you see all items that are in your locker.
6. 6. select the items you want to sync to your iPhone by pushing the ‘GET’ button
7. 7. the selected items are now available in ‘ringtones’ (below podcasts)
8. 8. hook up your iPhone
9. 9. select your iPhone (left)
10. 10. go to podcasts-tab (top)
11. 11. select the nakko.com podcast
12. 12. go to ringtones tab (top)
13. 13. make a selection again
14. 14. push apply (below right)
15. 15. after syncing select settings on your iPhone
16. 16. go to sounds
17. 17. select ringtones
18. 18. your new ringtones should have appeared in the Custom section.
Next time you add items to your locker you
19. A. open itunes
20. B. select ‘podcasts’ (on the left)
21. C. right click on Nakko.com and push ‘Update Podcast’
22. D. continue from step 6.

I’ll try to describe it with some more screenshots tonight.

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