Apr 20

I was thinking to write 2 separate reviews, but as the options for both programs are actually the same, i’ll just bundle them together :)

Wallpaper and collage now have the options to leave comments on wallpapers and photos.

You will have a new option to leave a comment. Which is actually pretty cool.
When first reacting to a photo or wallpaper, you will need to register. Luckily you will only have to do this on 1 app, the other takes the settings of the first app.

Both apps are getting the feel of a online community, i’m wondering what the developer is planning to do next …


Let’s get to the screens…

Collage first:

1) install the app Collage via the productivity category.

2) Let’s run it, and play a little with it.

When you click add photo, you can take a new picture and use it.

Let’s have a look at Wallpaper now.

1) install the app Wallpaper via the multimedia category.

2) Let’s run it, and play a little with it. Not much new options here, except for the possibility to leave comments on new wallpapers.

Both apps are available in the Installer.app through the default AppTap packaging source, see our sources page.

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2 Responses to “Collage 2.2 and Wallpaper 2.3”

  1. Jan Says:

    Hi, is there any way to view the comments made on a picture that you’ve uploaded to the collage application, either through the application or online somewhere?


  2. Emily Says:

    It seems like something is missing, no?

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