Apr 19

Ringtones 2.85 has just been released.

There aren’t many changes:

– Improved Cutting process
– You can enter start and stop time manually now.
– Improved sanity check

I won’t guide you to the full install i’ll wiat for version 2.90 to do a whole new full review.

You can check my old reviews here, here and here.

I’ve already written a lot about Jamendo Ringtones, just do a quick search on the top right corner of your screen and you’ll find all the posts :)

See more for the screenshots


This little app is available in the Installer.app through the Danstaface packaging source, see our sources page.

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37 Responses to “Jamendo Ringtones 2.85 released”

  1. iskvareni Says:

    I added the source but cannot seem to find the app in the installer… Any suggestions?

  2. Multinova Says:

    It should be visible if you addded i.danstaface.net as a repo.
    I think you should check your sources (maybee you misspelled it)?
    If you can’t find it let me know, i’ll try to see

  3. iskvareni Says:

    Nope, I didn’t misspelled it (2 bad). It just doesn’t show up! Is the app located in a folder like “danstaface” or something like “utilities”; “multimedia” ?

  4. zul Says:

    Hi there, I’m using 1.1.4 and i have the ringtones jamendo version 2.85 installed. However somehow i’m unable to add songs as ringtone. At the moment i have 1 song on my ipod list. When I run the ringtones application, select Direct Ringtones, and select Set global ringtones the list shows nothing. Can anybody help me to guide how to set the ringtones. Thanks a bunch.

  5. Multinova Says:

    Zul, i’de recommend using the Edit and Convert ringtone. The Direct ringtone doesn’t always work for me too.
    Go to the Edit and convert ringtones, then click ok (after the checks), select song library, then call ringtones, and see if you can convert your song there.

    let me know the outcome.greetz

  6. Multinova Says:

    iskvareni, the app should be in the category multimedia

  7. zul Says:

    Hi Nova, thanks for the suggestion but somehow I still cant see the song list after i select the Call Ringtones. I choose Start Converting > Edit and convert ringtones > Ok, Continue > Use Song Library > Call Ringtones (at this point there is no songs to select from). The sanity check seems to be all OK with no error and I could have swear I have 1 song in my ipod list. Do let me know whether do I need to convert anything or check on other settings. Thanks Nova.

  8. Multinova Says:

    Zul, you don’t have swaplibrary installed or such?
    Try to upload some more songs and see if they are in your list or not. If they don’t show up, you might check your firmware against the version of itunes you’re using.

  9. craig Says:


    i have installed the installer and added the idanstaface.net but now i am stuck on how to get jamendo ringtones??? where do i go from here??

  10. Multinova Says:


    Did you add i.danstaface.net ? If yes, got to the category Multimedia and select Ringtones there and install it.


  11. craig Says:

    i have clicked catergories and the multimedia but what do i click next there is no option saying ringtones??? does the source need to be online??? i have just got the iphone and struggling with all these apps etc!!

  12. Multinova Says:

    be sure to add it correct = i.danstaface.net
    If you then press refresh in the sources and then go to install and select multimedia, it should be there.

  13. craig Says:

    Brilliant, thanks for your help!!

  14. Gurvir Says:

    HI…I have 1.1.4 iphone and i installed jamendo 2.86 and converted songs to ringtones. Although they showup in the ringtones on iphone, they dont work. And also all the rings go mute on my phone. So i deleted the converted ringtones on jamendo and uninstalled it. Guess what.. when my phone rings,it rings with the ringtone i converted, and it wont go mute even when i turn the ring off. This is driving me insane..PLZZZZ HELP!!!!!!!!!

  15. Multinova Says:


    I’ll tak to the devloper regarding this issue. Maybee he has heared about this before. I’ll get back to you by tommorow night.

  16. marv Says:

    I’m running 2.86 on 1.1.3 and I can’t get the ringtone to show up nor play . It plays b4 da transfer that’s it. And thats from using global ringtones. When I try to use convert and edit , it stays in search and download mode for 2 min and shuts down. I dowloaded suid but still same thing.

  17. Multinova Says:

    Marv, Try to install skrewcommon first and then upgrade to the latest version i think it’s 2.87.
    IF you still have the same issue, let me know.

  18. marwan Says:

    it doesn work cuz the song u converted is the whole song
    the playtime should be atleast 30secs or less
    more than that wont work as a ringing tone

  19. marwan Says:

    you have to set the limit edit ur song by the prog itself

  20. marv Says:

    I can’t even get into edit and covert . Its like get stuck in the search and download then shuts down. I have 2.86 that was the latest on installer. Where can I get 2.87.

  21. marv Says:

    ok I uninstalled and then reinstalled just the way the tutorial say but when I click on edit and convert it goes into “checking and download if needed” mode and then it shuts down

  22. Multinova Says:


    Is your wifi or edge connected when it’s checking and downloading ?

  23. marv Says:

    Connected all the time . Just keeps checking and downloading if needed. Then crashes.

  24. Marvin Says:

    I got the ringtone working. Does anyone know how to change the ringtone back to normal or turn it off?

  25. Multinova Says:

    In the ringtones app you can disable the ringtone.
    Or if you custom made a ringtone, then you can change it in your settings of your phone.

  26. Marvin Says:

    Thanks for the reply. I kinda figured it out after playing with it for a while but thanks.

  27. dREW Says:

    apparently my iphone refuse to display all the songs in the ‘ringtones!’ menu. Any idea?

    Start Converting –> Direct ringtones –> select global ringtones –> ‘ringtones!’ menu (this is where all my new songs is not updated? Any reason? However when I go to Ipod icon, all songs are there. Please advise)

    Iphone: 1.1.4
    Jamendo: 2.87

    Best regards,

  28. Pierre Says:

    Hi Nova,

    I have the same problem as Gurvir’s post. Have you find out the solution for this from the developer yet? Thanks!

  29. Josh Says:

    Marv said:
    ok I uninstalled and then reinstalled just the way the tutorial say but when I click on edit and convert it goes into “checking and download if needed” mode and then it shuts down

    Im having the exact same problem as you.. I have uninstalled both skrewcommon and ringtones but am still getting the “check and download”

    anyone got a fix for this? also is there a way that i can dowload the older version? if so where?

  30. chris Says:

    same problem here “check and download” then it’ll crash. running 1.1.3

  31. Phyllis Says:

    Hi can the jamendo ringtone support iphone ver 2.0? I need to check first before I download it. Thanks.

  32. DATBOIP Says:

    whats the repo for ringtones in cyndia?

  33. Thai - may Says:

    Hi ihave iPhone V.2.2 can I get jamendo ringtone ? if I can with version is good and how I can get it , can u give me , thank you

  34. Shawnb Says:

    So, I think I have a different problem from the others. If added the source i.danstaface.net and the ringtones app and skrewcommon show up but when I go to install I get ” error, unable to decode, for more info go to i.danstaface.net/site” or something close to that. And obviously that didn’t get me anywhere, please help, thanx

  35. Michael Says:

    I have a problem where I download ringtones 2.87 (after Skrewcommon), the app shows up, when I click the app icon, it brings up the screen, but then automatically goes back to my main iphone screen. I am running a 3gs jailbroken phone.

  36. Praveena Says:

    I have a iPhone 3Gs with 4.1 !
    I added the repo a couple of times but I can’t see the app in it too

  37. Preet Says:


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