Apr 19

I came across this new app to backup your iPhone for windows.

It’s called SAFi (Super Archiver For iPhone) and enables you to:

– imports-exports contacts, sms, call history, notes, calendar
– show,group by,filter
-export them to excel,xml, html etc..
-ringtone studio, convert and upload, download, delete ringtone for iphone

The devloper is also preparing to add a lot of other features:

i will implement these:
– change/edit contents of sms, contacts etc
– import contacts from cvs, excel, text file
– backup of synced pictures (i wrote something but not inserted in this release)
– backup of camera image

You can download the app here

Let’s install the app and have a look.

1) Download and install the app from here.

2) Make sure you install BSDSUBSYSTEM and OpenSSH from your installer in the category SYSTEM.

3) Activate your wireless and find out what’s your ip.
Make sure you’re SSH is enabled if using a app like services or bossprefs!

4) Start Safi and click on the Backup button. You will need to insert your ip address.

5) After that the app has found your iPhone, it will start making backups of all important things on yor iPhone.

6) When you right click on contacts,messages, call logs or your notes, you can filter what you see by column, export to excel, export to xml, export to HTML and directly print you contacts.

7) A very nice feature is the possibility to upload a ringtone directly to your iPhone via this app. It’s calld Ringtone Studio

When you are connected, you can click on the upload button and chose one of your tones, they can have the format (mp3, wav, m4e, m4r). After you have choses your tone, the app will automatically convert it to the proper format.

I already like this app very much, it’s still lagging some features i could use, but the developer is really going in the right direction !!

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3 Responses to “Backup your iPhone with Super Archiver for iPhone (SAFI)”

  1. Adam Says:

    Can u upload again the SAFI Seetup file? I can’t find anywhere on the net.

  2. Geen contacts in 2.0 - iPhone Forum - alles over de Apple iPhone en iPhone 3G Says:

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  3. G.Y Says:

    It is coded by a turkish programmer from CHIP Turkey, and it rocks!

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