Apr 18

To be honest, my iTunes library looks like is a mess , i have a lot of songs where i have no cover art, some songs have been imported from compilation cd’s without the correct mp3 tags, and so on ..

I’ve decided to start to clean up my iTunes library and the first thing i wanted was to get as much album art as possible.

In iTunes it’s possible to get your cover art automatically, but as i have a lot of album’s that aren’t listed in iTunes, i had to get my covers from somewhere else.

Luckily for me, Amazon has almost all album covers you can dream off.

I started searching for a tool that was capable of doing this the easy way :)

I found 2 tools capable of adding the album art without any hassle.

Tunesleeve and my favorite iTunes Art importer.

Let’s discuss the way to import your art with iTunes art importer.

Download iTunes art importer here.

Let’s install this little app.

If you start it and you see the following screen, please download the framework on the microsoft site.

ATTENTION IF you are running Vista !!!

If you are running vista, you won’t be able to install the microsoft .NET framework version 1.1,

please download this version and install it. I’ve created a .net framework 1.1 that is compatible with vista !

After the installation of the framework, you can rerun the iTunes art importer app.

This time you should get the following screen.

Just install the app, like you do with regular apps ..

Start your iTunes before you start iTunes art importer.

Now let’s run the app and have a look on how to import your artwork automatically..

Go to your itunes after launching the app.

Go to Library -> Music and select all your songs by pressing CTRL+A.

Now go to the iTunes Art Importer app and activate auto-import best guess (if you don’t do this, the app will stop as soon as it doesn’t find any art. )

Then click on the search button, and let the app do it’s work.

This can take quite some time , as it’s dependent on the size of your music catalogue.

But after that the app has ran, you will find that most of your music now has it’s cover art.

Enjoy :)


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20 Responses to “Automatically import iTunes artwork from Amazon”

  1. Benny Van Daele Says:

    Works perfect !

  2. Tee Says:

    this doesnt work

  3. Multinova Says:

    Please inform us of what is not working. It has been working for quite some people, so please inform us what part doesn’t work.

  4. Tobi Says:

    For me it doesn’t work, because when it has finished it says: “No album art found”!

  5. Mark Larocque Says:

    I agree. Itunes art importer for some reason has stopped working. Its almost like the direct link to amazon is broken within the program. Maybe amazon changed something.

  6. Says:

    Kan ikke hente programmet ned ?

  7. gabriel Says:

    ok this an awesome app. hey i noticed that vista perfection theme is not in my installer. any tips?

  8. Garett Says:

    I’ve fixed the application, it’s available for download from here: http://hyperion.cc.uregina.ca/~harnishg/

  9. Kenneth Says:

    The fix from Garett is probably great, but the zip-file available for version 0.9.3 is empty (or at least it cannot be extracted)…help…

  10. gabriel Says:

    same happened 2 me

  11. Mix Says:

    i had same issue using Winrar but worked great with Winzip !

  12. Fat Kid Says:

    The whole installer was in a different language.
    I used the vista link..

    Doesn’t work…..


  13. chris Says:

    what is the password for the unzipping

  14. John Hough Says:

    Would help if the .net installer was in english, I got an error installing it and couldn’t tell what the hell to do. Program won’t install. :evil:

  15. Lawrence Says:

    Thanks for this useful iTune utility. I was able to extract the files using WinZip. WinRAR would not extract the files from the .zip archive.

  16. tre1 Says:

    hey i jailbroke my phone when i plug in the usb to itune nothing happens

  17. darius Says:

    program works if unzipped with winzip(updated version). However, the album art only displays on my nano in 2/3 ways: coverflow and miniatures when using menu, but it does not display the artwork when the song is playing and the unit is in the upright position. Not bitching guys, just letting you know. I am glad to have the album artwork in coverflow. Once I select the song and play it, I just hold the unit and stick in my pocket;… no biggie.

  18. kevin Says:

    it doesn’t work… this sucks

  19. Chippie Says:

    Kevin, you have no appreciation for something that someone is giving you for free! Works a treat if you put in a bit of effort to see why it isn’t working ;-) .NET 2 is required and you have to use winzip and extract the files to the artimporter folder to overwrite the files that were installed from the 0.9.2 installation…Bingo

    It’s great so thankyou to whoever made the update for the Amazon link…

  20. Scb Says:

    This thing is awesome! Thanks for your hard work!

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